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The Voice Recap: Blind Auditions, Part 4

February 20, 2012 11:31 PM by Ashley Lee

After multiple rounds of blind auditions, the teams of The Voice are almost full. Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera loses a few auditionees to Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton finally wins arguments with the other judges. Read on for a recap of the episode to see who some of the season’s top contenders are so far.

Jonathas Ojeda auditions with a replica rendition of Usher’s “U Got It Bad”—complete with the signature moonwalk steps—and grabs the attention of Christina and Cee Lo. “I thought that was a prank, I thought that was actually Usher!” said Cee Lo. But Christina fights, “I’ve been doing this since I was four years old…ultimately, it’s up to you.” Jonathas confesses that he’s always had the hots for Christina, and chooses her as his coach!

Monique Benabou sings “Mr. Know It All” for the judges, and with a little prodding from Blake, Christina turns her chair. “We’re gonna kick ass, we’re gonna win!” says Monique to her new coach.

Naia Kete, a street performer from Los Angeles, takes the stage with “The Lazy Song.” Blake presses his button immediately and Cee Lo follows. “You push all my buttons, I gotta say,” says Naia to Cee Lo. Christina mentions that Naia’s voice sounds like a previous contestant of Blake’s (I’m thinking Dia Frampton), and Blake fights, “You already have all your own ideas and I’d love to hear them.” She goes with her gut and chooses Blake!

Charlotte Sometimes auditions with “Apologize” and all the judges turn! “There’s enough of me to go around,” jokes Charlotte who, to her own surprise, chooses Blake as well.

Tony Vincent, who comes from the musicals American Idiot and We Will Rock You, auditions with “We are the Champions” and automatically snags a spot on Team Cee Lo. “Are your ears burned off or something?” says the coach to the other judges. “I think I kick ass!” says Tony. “I’m truly looking forward to working with you.”

Anthony Evans, son of a well known pastor, has felt pressured to define himself as either a gospel musician or a contemporary Christian artist. He auditions with no labels by singing “What’s Going On” and Christina turns her chair.

Jamie Lono, who makes sandwiches for a living, sings “Folsom Prison Blues” and turned Adam and Cee Lo’s chairs. “Different is what we want, and that’s why I turned my chair around,” argued Adam. However, he goes Team Cee Lo.

Justin Hopkins, who was previously a guitarist in Carson Daly’s house band, finally sings as a soloist with “Babylon.” His dream coach, Cee Lo, turns around!

Nicolle Galyon loves to sing country music and play the piano—a combination not commonly accepted in the Nashville music scene. She sings “You Save Me” while accompanying herself on her instrument of choice, and Adam turns his chair for her. “Stupid! You guys are dumb!” he shouts to the other judges. Blake jokes that he too loses his voice when Adam is around, but Nicolle is more than happy to be on Adam’s team.

Mathai is deviating from her family’s medical career path with “Rumor Has It” and Adam turns immediately, followed by Cee Lo and Blake. She ends up choosing Adam.

Christina also recruits Ashley De La Roza, Adam turns for Karla Davis and Blake wins Jordan Rager and ALyX. Tune in next week for the final set of blind auditions!

Who was your favorite blind audition tonight? Are any of them the future winner of The Voice?

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One Response to “The Voice Recap: Blind Auditions, Part 4”

  1. Christina Says:
    February 23rd, 2012 at 10:13 am

    I was so surprised to see Charlotte Sometimes performing considering she already has 2 albums out on ITunes – I have her first on my IPod. I think its great to see her get some real exposure since I love her voice! It actually gives me hope that other singers, my little sister included there, can start out small and just get bigger and bigger. She’s just starting to enter voice contests now — she found an online one called MakeAStar where she can actually submit a video of original music — and I hope it helps her get some kind of exposure.


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