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19 Kids and Counting: Josh and Anna Check-In and 40 Kids, Oh My!

February 21, 2012 11:01 PM by Ashley Lee

It’s back-to-back new episodes of 19 Kids and Counting, complete with forty kids, thirty pizzas, three trailers and the good ol’ 15-person van. Catch up with Josh and Anna as they take Mackynzie to her first haircut, and watch Michelle, Jim Bob and the Duggars house the Vanderhoffs for two weeks!

Even though the Duggars usually just cut their hair at home, Mackynzie gets her first haircut! They head to the cosmetology school to save money, and its the cosmetology student’s first time ever cutting a child’s hair (eek!). Anna sits with her the whole time and distracts her with graphics on her smartphone, but Mackynzie wiggles and cries a bit.

Josh tries to get Mackynzie used to the idea of playing the violin by playing one on the couch beside her, as she imitates him with a paper violin and bow. However, it doesn’t go so well, as she gets bored and Michael starts crying. Not the solid musical foundation Josh and Anna were hoping for!

Anna takes her kids AND Joshua’s three little sisters girls to the park, and borrows the 15-passenger van. It’s her first time handling so many little ones in the van, and though it’s a bit of a struggle to get them into the car in an organized way, it works! But once they get to the park, it’s stressful for the young mom, as she hasn’t had to watch so many kids that were also older than her own!

In the second half, the Duggars house the Vanderhoffs for two weeks while they get settled into their new Arkansas home. That means there’s a total of FORTY kids in the Duggar home! Where will they all sleep? The Duggar boys sleep on the bus while the guests take the bedrooms in the house. The family also introduces viewers to the home church!

While in town for a speaking engagement, Michelle takes a walk down memory lane with her best friend of 39 years in Little Rock. They reflect on their endearing high school memories—pom poms included! Her opportunity to share at a Moms’ Meeting goes incredibly well, as she proudly announces to the audience that they’re now expecting baby number 20. “I never dreamed that Michelle would be in this kind of spotlight,” says longtime friend, Cindy. “She’s doing a great job.”

At home, Justin turns 9 years old and, of all things, wants to go pawn shopping. Though the store doesn’t have any trumpets, which was his item of choice, they’re try out a few other instruments when Justin spots a toy Jeep, and Jim Bob sees it as an opportunity to teach Justin how to negotiate. “It’s not about how much money you have in your pocket, but how much you can save,” says Jim Bob. “Then you can really get ahead.” The negotiation is a success! Jim Bob also throws a joint birthday party for both Justin and Hudson Vanderhoff. They choose to order THIRTY pizzas! “We definitely made our sales for the day with this order,” says the delivery guy.

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