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Tabatha Takes Over Recap: From Eww to Ooh, La La!

February 21, 2012 10:19 PM by Shayla Perry

This week on Bravo, Tabatha Coffey travels to Swedesboro, New Jersey to help the owner of Salon Bridgette save her struggling business, but with almost $500,000 in debt and absolutely no leadership whatsoever, is it possible that the best thing to do is to close the salon for good? Find out everything you missed on this all new episode of Tabatha Takes Over after the jump.

Tonight on Tabatha Takes Over….

Bridgette has owned her New Jersey based salon for seven years, and in that time, business hasn’t been doing so well.

How bad are things at Salon Bridgette? Take a look for yourself.

During the assessment, Tabatha is disgusted by how filthy the salon is, and even more horrified by the sarcastic, passive-aggressive manner in which Bridgette is managing (if you can call it that) her staff.

But that’s not all!

The lone male employee, Jason, admits to Coffey that the reason he’s been showing up to work disheveled and tired is because he’s been taking pills, but swears on his 9-month-old daughter’s life that he’ll get his s – - t together in order to keep his job.

To challenge Bridgette and help her hone in on her managerial skills, Tabatha has her practice on her horse, who also seems to find difficulty in taking Bridgette seriously.

She manages to make some progress with the horse, so the next logical step would obviously be to have the entire staff put in a good day’s work at the farm — and Bridgette’s in charge!

After shoveling s- – t for hours, the staff of Salon Bridgette’s is surprised by the transformation Tabatha’s team has been busy working on while they were away, taking the supposed French themed salon from Eww to Ooh, la la!

And with the new decor comes some new attitudes. Everyone on the staff pulls together during the reopen, and Tabatha is thoroughly impressed — except for when it comes to Bridgette’s daughter, Chelsea, who’s still having trouble abiding by the new rules her mom is enforcing. Will Chelsea still have a job at the end of the day?

Though she was telling Tabatha to “go f- – k herself” – in her head, not out loud, of course – Chelsea is kept on as an employee, and six weeks after the takeover, she finally understands that there are better ways to handle the stress of her job than just running away in tears.

What do you think…. Should Bridgette have kept her daughter, Chelsea, as a staff member, or should she have been fired? Sounds off in the Comments section below.

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One Response to “Tabatha Takes Over Recap: From Eww to Ooh, La La!”

  1. stewie Says:
    February 22nd, 2012 at 1:15 pm

    I think as long as Chelsea follows her mother’s rules and doesn’t handle things the way she did on reopening day then she’ll be fine. She’s just a young girl who needs to grow up a little. I hope Chelsea is still working by her mother’s side and they’re working together to make their Salon a success while Chelsea’s grandmother is living it up in her retirement.


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