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The Real Housewives Of Orange County Recap: Painting Party

February 21, 2012 08:45 PM by Megan Thompson

It’s an all new episode of The Real Housewives Of Orange County tonight on Bravo.  Will Eddie forgive Tamra for the boob fiasco from last week?  Keep reading to find out all the details of tonight’s RHOC episode.

Tamra and Eddie are fighting outside the restaurant after the whole “boob debacle.”  Tamra breaks down and blames Eddie for flirting with Vicki.  Eddie assures Tamra there is nothing going on with him and Vicki. Really? Come on Tamra, blame the alcohol not your BFF.  Eddie then tells a teary-eyed Tamra that no guy wants to see another man’s hand on their gal’s boob.  And with that life lesson, the two are ready to go to dinner.

Eddie and Tamra join Vicki and Brooks for dinner.  As soon as Tamra sits down she starts sobbing. “I don’t want you two touching,” Tamra scolds Vicki.  Vicki just rolls her eyes at Tamra at this point. Then the mood changes because all of a sudden Tamra yells, “I’m over it.  Let’s do body shots!” Trashy Tamra is out tonight!

Mr. and Mrs. Dubrow head out for a dinner date.  Heather is annoyed that the waitress hands her a menu that is already opened! Heather would prefer the menu closed, so she doesn’t feel rushed.  Uh-oh, I feel a Heather Dubrow manners book in our future.  Then Terry jokes, “what will you be sending back this evening?”  I guess Heather is a tad bit picky when it comes to ordering her food.  Then Heather sends the waitress away with a request for a “thin piece” of fish.  After the chore of ordering, Heather lets her hubby know that she wants to have a party for ”the girls” at an art studio.  In an off-camera interview, Heather says she is having the party at an art studio, not her home, because she doesn’t really know these women.  After the trashy dinner she was served at Vicki’s house, Heather might think these women are too low class for her. Not sure if she was joking, but I don’t think so. The waitress comes back with a “thick” piece of fish.  Uh-oh, no tip for her.

Gretchen and Slade take their dog for a “walkie”.  The two talk about how Slade was asked to do perform a comedic set at a comedy club.  Gretchen is confused because she didn’t know her boyfriend was a professional comedian. All I can focus on is Gretchen’s crazy outfit.  Gretchen is sporting a turtleneck, shorty shorts, striped knee socks and boots/tennis shoes. She looks like a 70′s roller skating chick, gone wrong.

“I have a boy-toy, but no sex toys,” Tamra tells the sales lady.  Tamra and Gretchen are going to bond over some sex toys today. Who’s a better person to go sex toy shopping with than Gretchen?  I’m sure Gretchen and Slade have a whole drawer full of sex toys.  Tamra likes that Gretchen is “raunchy” like her, since Vicki is so reserved.

All the girls are on their way to Heather’s painting party.  Tamra arrives and lets everyone know that she has been throwing up all day.  “Are you pregnant?” Vicki asks Tamra.  Tamra lets Heather and Vicki know that she just put in another birth control ring. Vicki then responds, “I don’t do babies right now, at this time in our lives.” Tamra then slams Vicki by telling her not to put her in her age range. Ouch!  Vicki is shocked that Tamra is acting like she is.

When Tamra and Gretchen start talking about their sex toy shopping, Heather isn’t pleased. It seems Heather thinks it’s tacky to talk about private bedroom matters at a cocktail party.  It seems these OC housewives are going to need to learn some manners from Mrs. Dubrow.

The painting teacher finally arrives and the girls are ready to paint!  The girls are painting, what else, a shoe!  Vicki is getting annoyed at how well Gretchen and Tamra are getting along. Then Terry, Heather’s husband, shows up to meet all the girls.

Terry makes a joke about being happily married for five years, even though they have been married for twelve years. Heather isn’t happy that her husband is embarrassing her in front of the girls.  Overall, the painting party was a success.  Maybe, just maybe, the girls will be allowed in Heather’s house.

Gretchen arrives home to tell Slade she has heard some bad rumors about Brooks, Vicki’s boyfriend.  I guess Brooks has been arrested for not paying child support.  Slade is upset because of all the mean things Vicki has said about him and his children. Gretchen just wants to get along with everyone, but Slade isn’t having it.  We will have to wait to see who wins this fight.

What did you think of the OC girls tonight?  Let us know what you think, leave us a comment below.

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2 Responses to “The Real Housewives Of Orange County Recap: Painting Party”

  1. Sex Toys Shop Says:
    February 22nd, 2012 at 12:42 am

    The best part of the show was when Tamra and Gretchen were in the sex toy shop.

  2. Barton Fink Says:
    February 22nd, 2012 at 7:29 am

    Vicki didn’t just say she was over babies. She twitched, and she grimaced, and she smacked at her own face, and she fanned herself, and she quivered, and she flapped her fatbags (both cheeks and jowls), and she blinked her eyes vacantly. She seems to have a lot of seizure-like episodes this year. I can’t wait till she starts foaming at the mouth.


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