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American Idol Recap: 14 of Top 24 Revealed!

February 22, 2012 08:06 PM by Candace Young

Tonight on FOX‘s American Idol, marks the beginning of the live shows as the field of 42 remaining contestants is narrowed to just 12 girls and 12 guys to move forward in the competition. Keep reading for highlights as each of the contestants meet with the judges to learn their fate…

Jen Hirsch, who first auditioned in Houston and once earned a standing ovation from the judges, takes the long walk to find out if she’ll be staying on American Idol. Randy tells her, “You made it, baby.” After, Steven Tyler gives Randy Jackson heck for stringing it out so long.

Creighton Fraker, whose birth father sang for the heavy metal band Flotsam and Jetsam, stood out for the judges due to his unique sound and personality. Jennifer Lopez tells Creighton he’s in the top twenty-four! There’s a heartfelt moment of celebration between father and son afterward.

Lauren Gray is the next contestant awaiting her results. It’s been an emotional journey for Lauren, who wasn’t sure she was strong enough at times. Randy is forced to tell her she didn’t make it this year, but they’re quick to invite her to come back next year.

Joshua Ledet, the preacher’s son, who has impressed the judge thus far with his powerful vocals, is the next to take the long walk. He’s nervous. Randy starts on a spiel about how sometimes the best singers don’t make it because things just don’t line up – and then tells Joshua he made it. Joshua sings his approval.

Naomi Gilles and Blair Sieber learn they’re haven’t made it through.

Haley Johnson gradually improved throughout the audition process and really showed her best stuff in Las Vegas. She meets with the judges and it’s Steven Tyler who tells her the good news – she’s through!

Nikko Starr is ready to face the judges on American Idol. They tell him how challenging it is to choose who will advance, and then Randy breaks the news that he didn’t make it. Jennifer assures him they just think he needs more time.  Clayton Farhat, Caleb Johnson, and River St. James are also told it’s the end of the line.

Elise Testone feels in her heart that it’s her time, but do the judges agree? They do. Jennifer tells her she made it, and Randy says she’s one of the best singers they’ve seen!

Reed Grimm, from the Pittsburgh auditions, will be the next to take the long walk on American Idol. He’s been charming the judges by singing while playing drums. They tell him they know he can do scat, but they’re looking for a singer – and that’s him – he’s through!

Erika Van Pelt also came on board in Pittsburgh. The DJ is hoping this is just the beginning of her journey. She learns the judges had their eye on her from the start, but the previous day her difficulties gave them pause. Erika is relieved to hear that they’ve decided to take a chance on her – she made it!

Chelsea Sorrell is totally nervous as she faces the judges to find out her fate. Steven says that he can tell by her demeanor she knows what the answer is. She stays silent. He then says she made it! Chelsea celebrates with her country counterpart, Baylie Brown, who is next up.  Steven leads her on a bit, before letting her know she is also through.

Richie Law, the country guy famous for his personality clashes when working in groups, is hoping to be the next American Idol, but the judges tell him he didn’t make it this year. They encourage him to try again.

Heejun Han, who once clashed with Richie, is overwhelmed with nerves, but determined to hug Jennifer Lopez if he gets turfed out. Heejun cries when he learns he’s through. He gets his hug from Jennifer, and encouragement from Steven who says they’re all just bozos on the bus until they find a way to express themselves.

Jessica Sanchez jumped on board the Idol train in San Diego, and is hoping to be able to do something for her very supportive family by successfully continuing on. The 16 year-old is asked to join the top 24!

Phillip Phillips Jr., the intense performer who works in a pawn shop, really wants this bad. Randy tells him a true artist and he’s not going home. Phillip celebrates raucously.

Colton Dixon is one half of a sister/brother team that auditioned together. Schyler was sent home yesterday. Colton is now to learn if he’ll join her, or if he’ll go on. He finds out that he’s made it to the top 24!

Brielle Von Hugel, is back for the second time on American Idol, after being eliminated in the Hollywood round last year.  She and her mother are very excited to find out that this time around she made it!

Adam Brock, who has questioned if he fits in on American Idol, but has a stellar voice, tearfully tells the judges he has to sing. Randy tells him their decision was not unanimous, but…

Tune in to American Idol on FOX tomorrow night to find out if Adam gets through…and to learn which other contestants will round out the Top 24.

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  1. Charlie Says:
    February 23rd, 2012 at 5:10 am

    Jenn Hirsh and Reed Grimm are you serious sounds like they are constipated trying to pass a pine cone.Reed is sorry only sings one type of song like Big Mike. Looks like he missed the Short Bus. American Idol you suck this year


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