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Survivor: One World Recap — Blame It On The Boobs

February 22, 2012 07:54 PM by Ryan Haidet

First of all, could I have asked for a better photograph to go with my headline?!?!  Now that I have that covered…  Remember the Ulong tribe from Survivor: Palau?  You know, the team that lost every single Immunity challenge until only one person — Stephenie LaGrossa — was left standing?  If the Salani tribe on Survivor: One World can’t get their act together soon they might be Ulong all over again.  I mean, they blamed their Immunity challenge loss tonight on their boobs.  Yes, their boobs.  The only hope they seem to have is a tribal swap, which I expect will be happening sooner than later.  While most of the drama surrounded the women throughout tonight’s episode, there was one other person who dominated the show: Colton.  Why did he say the show should be called Survivor: Colton’s World?  Read on to find out!

Apologies & Leadership

When the women returned from Tribal Council, Christina and Alicia apologized and hugged out their issues.  Kind of.  “If I saw her swimming in an ocean and she was drowning, I’d probably look the other way,” Alicia said in confessional.  OK, I guess they didn’t really make up then.

The next morning, the women had a meeting to discuss their issues.  The main thing that came out of the entire thing was Sabrina being elected as the tribe’s leader.

Challenge Without Jeff Probst

The Reward challenge was one the tribes held at their own camp without the presence of Probst.  After collecting the challenge supplies from treemail, Bill read the instructions to everybody by using the most annoying fake accent.  I want to like Bill, but this kind of thing really makes it tough.  Please never let him read another treemail message again.

For the challenge, both tribes were competing for a tarp by untangling a series of ropes to free a ring from the center.  Although it was close, the men won the challenge and claimed the tarp.  “We needed a tarp like a fat kid needs cake,” Sabrina said.  “It wasn’t a horrible loss, but at the end of the day it’s a loss.”  On the other hand, Michael was elated for the men’s tribe.  “We’re gonna have the best camp, probably in history.”  With just a tarp?  Not even close.

Colton’s World

Once again Colton refused to coexist with the men on his tribe, so he spent a lot of time at the women’s side of camp and helped them work on their shelter.  For some weird reason, Jonas took Colton’s actions as a brilliant form of strategy by comparing him to, yes, Russell Hantz.  “He’s making Russell look like a freakin’ little schoolgirl.”

But the female love for Colton was fizzling out because everything he was doing seemed to irritate them.  This is when Colton found his feelings really stung as Sabrina asked him to return to his team’s camp so they could have a girl chat without him there.  When he walked away, Colton looked visibly heartbroken.  He said to himself that he should just go off on his own, build a little hut and become the sole member of a third tribe.

His time away from the women didn’t last long because he found his way back over to ask if he could stay with them.  Although he promised not to tell the guys anything about their discussions, they rejected his idea.  Sabrina, who actually gave Colton the hidden Idol she found in the first episode, felt like he was starting to act like a jerk.  “If he’s running the show and we lose this damn game, I’m just gonna slit my wrists,” Sabrina said.

Idol Strategy

That night, Colton chose to make a bold move by telling some of the men he holds a hidden Idol.  He whipped it out and showed Troyzan, Leif and Jonas by saying he intends to use it at the next Tribal Council to oust a power player.  Surprisingly, the guys were immediately on board.  Colton then said they may be the alliance of misfits, but he can be their king.  That’s why this season should have been titled Survivor: Colton’s World.

Boobs Spoil Success

For the Immunity challenge, the teams started out standing side by side on a balance beam.  Their goal was to get everybody to the other side by passing along the beam — and each other — one at a time.

While the men made the challenge look easy, the women — especially Kat — couldn’t figure out how to do the challenge.  To make matters worse, Kat kept jumping into the water for no apparent reason as Probst shook his head from the sidelines.  Here’s my favorite part of the entire episode.  The women (most of them) came to the conclusion that they lost the challenge because of their boobs.  Chelsea said, “It’s definitely the boobs are hard.”  How about blame the challenge on Kat?  Or blame your loss on the fact that you guys just sucked at the competition?  Don’t blame your boobs.  Nina was spot on with why they lost by saying, “No communication.  No teamwork.  Same old story.”  Thank you!

Life Experience Vs. Ummm…

When the women arrived back at camp, Nina started making a very strong case that Kat should be the person to go.  She pitched her plan to Monica, who agreed that Kat was a weak component.  But sadly, Monica said in confessional that she wasn’t so keen on approaching the dominant five women to ask them to vote against one of their own.  Instead, she was hoping they would just realize it.  I like Monica, but this is a bad move.  If you sit back and hope they will see what you think they should see, you have no place in the game.  She’s basically letting it be played around her.  Bad move.  Weak.

Nina, the retired LAPD officer, took a much different approach.  While sitting there with Chelsea watching Kat fart on Alicia, Nina dished her pitch.  She kept telling Chelsea that Kat has no place in the game because she’s weak and witless.  The pitch actually worked, too, because Chelsea went and hashed out the discussion with Kim by saying she feels Nina deserves to be there more than Kat.  While Kim agreed, here’s where the roadblock hit.  Kim didn’t think it would be a good idea to turn their backs on the five-person alliance they made with the other women.

At Tribal Council, Probst kicked it off by telling the women they’re off to a terrible start because of their total dysfunction.  “It’s almost like I’m talking to 6th graders,” Probst said.  Then the chatter turned to life experience as Nina, prompted by Probst, told everybody that she has a lot to offer through her personal experiences having been a LA police officer for years.  Then Nina fired it right out there and asked Kat what life experiences she has to offer.  Yes, Nina!  Awesome!  Kat sat there like she had just been called on in class with no idea what the answer is.  “I’m outdoors and I do sales and I work with people all the time and ummm…”  She couldn’t even pick up the pieces after Probst coached her into saying she doesn’t have that much life experience because she’s young.

Despite her solid push and common-sense strategy, the women held their alliance together and voted Nina out of the game.  “We are only five days in, but you’re two tribe members down and you’ve yet to win a challenge,” Probst said.  “You’ve got to get it together.”

What did you think of this week’s episode?  Was Nina the right choice?  Do you like Kat?  What are your thoughts on Colton?  Sound off and leave a comment below!

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One Response to “Survivor: One World Recap — Blame It On The Boobs”

  1. Justin Says:
    February 24th, 2012 at 8:05 pm

    I’m really liking this season so far. I think colton will potentially stir up so excitement down the road, but otherwise I don’t like him. I think Kat should’ve gone (I get really annoyed by dumb blondes), although I was pretty apathetic towards Nina. I’m really hoping they switch stuff up really soon though so my favorites sabrina and monica survive the tribal portion of the game :)


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