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Jersey Shore Recap: We Caught A Guido!

February 23, 2012 09:21 PM by Candace Young

Last week’s episode of MTV‘s Jersey Shore ended with a guy hitting on Jenni in Karma and Roger getting into a fight. How much would one have to drink to get into a fight with Roger? Just asking! Everyone heads home from Karma to the Seaside Heights house. Keep reading for the highlights from tonight’s episode…

At the house, Jionni’s puking gets in the way of Snooki wanting to ‘get it in’. Ronnie convinces Roger to hang out with him while Jenni’s having a poop. When Jenni can’t get Roger’s attention back, things get tense. Meanwhile, poor wasted Jionni passes out and Snooki badgers him relentlessly.

In the morning, Snooki sees Gionni off. Deena and Sammi decide they should all go fishing…or crabbing. They pack up and head to the docks. It’s a comedy of errors as they begin trying to catch dinner. Ronnie gets hooked, which leads to calls of, “We caught a guido!” Mike decides to lay down on the dock and tan. Vinny can’t resist putting a live crab on him. Deena likens her fishing to her dating life – no one takes her bait. The best is when Deena and Snooki elect to venture out in a dinghy – it’s a very windy day.

Needless to say, the dinghy becomes a huge chaotic adventure. Deena and Snooki wind up under the dock at one point, and it all ends when they puncture the boat on something sharp. So funny.

Back at the house, Ronnie does his annual toilet clog, and Deena, Pauly D, and Vinny go to work. At the shop, Danny tells Pauly his stalker was by yesterday.

Snooki and Mike chat on the deck at the house. He quizzes her about Jionni. She says she wants to marry him. Mike jokes that he’d stop the wedding. He tells Snooki he doesn’t think Jionni is man enough yet to carry her. Mike says he feels protective of her. They get to playing a game and Mike says the loser has to wear the bunny suit to Karma that night for 15 minutes. Mike wins.

Snooki dons the bunny head – Lola – Vinny finds himself strangely turned on. They all head to Karma where Snooki, as Lola, does shots and grinds on the dance floor. When her time’s up, Mike lets her out of the suit and and he and Snooki hug. Mike proceeds to pick up three girls and declares himself the ‘hunter gatherer’ of the house. MVP heads home with the DTF chicks.

The Meatballs head to the beach and hop the fence – they’re thrilled to be indulging in criminal activity. Their frolicking is interrupted by flashlights – it’s the cops. They don’t get arrested, but are sent on their way.

At the house, MVP have finished their business and the DTF chicks are sent home.  They all go to sleep, but still wake up partially drunk – especially Ronnie and Snooki, who decide to go back to the bar for some hair of the dog.

While on the boardwalk, Snooki randomly decides to buy Ronnie a mini-bike. Snooki gets on and Ronnie pushes her up the boardwalk so as to avoid a DUI. Ronnie jokes that it’s a regular size motorcycle for Nicole.

Later, Jenni, Pauly D, and Mike go to work. The stalker puts in an appearance. Jenni is fed up and confronts her. She asks her what’s in the bag she’s carrying. Vanessa says it’s a blanket but doesn’t pull it out. Jenni lets her go.

Back at the house, Vinny listens as Snooki tries to have phone sex with Jionni. He hangs up. Vinny and Snooki head up to the boardwalk. They shoot pool and dance like they’re 90. Vinny declares that they’re the Ross and Rachel of the house – sometimes they end up together. On the walk home they talk about sharing a shower…

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