Bethenny Ever After Ratings Plummet: Are You Watching?

February 23, 2012 09:01:18 by Martha Zaborowski

The third season of Bethenny Ever After premiered Monday night on Bravo, and the ratings are in. In May 2011, the second season finale of Bethenny Ever After had 1.728 million viewers. The third season premiere dropped significantly in viewers. Exactly how much have ratings dropped?

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Bob Harper Slams The Biggest Loser Contestants

February 23, 2012 09:00:08 by Lisa Princ

With all the drama on NBC‘s The Biggest Loser this season, the trainers, Bob Harper and Dolvett Quince, have every right to be frustrated. This week, you could see the disappointment in Bob Harper’s eyes over his black team and their poor decision to throw the weigh in. Now, Bob Harper is speaking out, and he slammed this season’s contestants. What did he say? Read on to find out!

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Howard Stern Surprises With Good Behavior For The Auditions Of America’s Got Talent

February 23, 2012 07:52:48 by Lisa Princ

When NBC announced that Howard Stern would be joining America’s Got Talent as a judge, many folks were torn on whether or not he would make a good judge, despite reassurance from Simon Cowell. If you had any doubt that Howard Stern would be a good judge, you may be in for a surprise as the shock jock endured his first round of auditions recently, and he’s been behaving quite well. Read on for more…

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