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Kitchen Nightmares Recap: Cafe Hon Hated By Baltimore

February 24, 2012 07:42 PM by Megan Thompson


Tonight on FoxKitchen Nightmares is all about a PR nightmare. Keep reading to find out how Gordon Ramsay saves another restaurant, Cafe Hon, from failure.

Gordon Ramsay has his hands full tonight when he travels to Baltimore to work on Cafe Hon and its owner, Denise. Cafe Hon was named, because the word “Hon” is  term of endearment in the city of Baltimore.  Cafe Hon was a successful restaurant, until the owner wanted to trademark the word “Hon.”  Denise’s legal actions did not sit well with the locals in Baltimore, it became a PR nightmare for the restaurant.

Gordon Ramsey starts his visit in Baltimore by visiting a local radio station to find out how Cafe Hon is perceived in the local community.  The radio hosts describe how the word “Hon” is part of the community, not something that belongs to Denise.  Denise has become the “anti-hon” of the Baltimore community.

Gordon goes to meet the owner and manager of Cafe Hon.  Immediately, Denise begins to break down and tells Gordon that she has put everything into this restaurant.  Denise explains the “Hon” fiasco and how she has been harassed in Baltimore, that she has even received death threats. Denise doesn’t want to accept any responsibility for the PR nightmare, until Gordon pressures her.

Next Gordon orders some food off of Cafe Hon’s menu.  Get ready to hear some beeps, because Gordon is not easily pleased.  Gordon thinks the shrimp is “ghastly and a mess.”  The nicest thing Gordon can say about the house fish and chips is that they are dreadful. Gordon calls the meatloaf a “flamingo terd!”   The food seems to be as bad as Cafe Hon’s PR issues.  After the tasting, Gordon goes back to meet with the chefs.  It seems everyone in the restaurant doesn’t like Denise.  I’m not sure why anyone works there?

Word has spread that Gordon Ramsay is in town, so the restaurant is full for dinner service.  The reviews from the guests are not good.  Customers are returning the food and even find hair in their orders!  Instead of fixing the food items, Denise starts removing items from the menu.  By the end of the night, there is nothing to serve the guests.  Gordon is disgusted at how Denise has run the dinner service.

The next morning Gordon decides to meet with the staff, so he can hear all their frustrations.  The staff has no problem unloading all the issues on Gordon, but they are scared to tell Denise.  Gordon then brings in Denise so she can hear what the staff has to say.  The group doesn’t start out gentle!  The manager of Cafe Hon says, “Denise you are rude bitch!”  Denise also learns she is the negative in the restaurant, she screams and that people just don’t like her.  Gordon reminds her that this is just “tough love.”  This group therapy session ends with Denise in tears and apologizing to her staff.

Now Denise has to understand why she has pissed off the community.  Gordon has Denise listen in on a focus group that he has pulled together. Gordon asks the people to explain why Denise is disliked so much. The people describe Denise as a bully, nasty and greedy for trying to profit off of the name “Hon.”  The people say that Denise has to abandon the trademark on “Hon” in order for people to forgive her.

Chef Ramsay works on the renovation of Cafe Hon and finally reveals it to Denise.  Denise and the staff are blown away by the transformation.  Gordon also unveils the new menu, which is met with great enthusiasm. But will the community show up?

Denise and Gordon head to a local radio station to make an announcement.  Denise breaks down and explains that she is sorry for trade marking a word.  “Please forgive me,” she asks the people of Baltimore.  Finally, Denise says that she will give back the trademark on the word “Hon.”

Just like a fairytale, the people of Baltimore forgive the once mean restaurant owner.

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