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The Amazing Race Recap: Blame It On The Bus

February 26, 2012 08:11 PM by Lisa Princ

Last week on CBSAmazing Race, we met 11 new teams, watched them hustle around Argentina, and the saw sisters Misa and Maiya become the first team of the season eliminated. This week, the remaining 10 teams will have to put together a solar panel, and calculate beef, but who will be able to race to the finish? And what causes Rachel Reilly to break down? Read on for all the highlights!

The Amazing Race was back tonight and the race kicked off as the teams had to head to Cafayate town square for their first clue, and they were leaving in the order of where they placed last week. Unfortunately, for Rachel and Dave, as well as everyone else in the top spots, it made no difference as they had to wait until sunrise to get their next clue – what a waste! As all ten teams watched the sunrise, they next fought for their clues from an Argentine man on a horse. Quite a few of the teams seemed to be getting annoyed with Rachel and Brendon, who were trying to push their way through the others.

The long awaited clues directed the racers to a village, where they were able choose either “boil water” or “build a fire” roadblock. All of the teams, with the exception of the border patrol agents, Art Velez and J.J. Carerll, chose “boil water.” Boiling water did not prove as easy as the teams thought it would be though because it was not just boiling water, but building a solar panel where they would then have to boil a pot of water, using only the sun! That was not the only roadblock though as the teams also had no instructions for putting the solar panel together, aside from the picture on the box.

At that point, it seemed as though Art and J.J. had a leg up on the competition, as they only needed to gather sticks and stones, and then bring them to the village for their use. While most of the teams struggled with the solar panel, Mark and Bopper pushed through theirs very quickly, and for the first time, were in the top half of the race. Meanwhile, Art and J.J. finished before most of those putting the panels together, and they were especially thrilled that they beat out Rachel and Brendon. It seems like a few teams are not fond of Rachel and Brendon – we couldn’t imagine why.

For the next clue, the teams needed to hop on a bus to Buenos Aires, which was an 18 hour ride. The first bus took off with Art and J.J., Mark and Bopper, Rachel and Dave, and also Rachel and Brendon. The second bus, which had the married clowns, Vanessa and Ralph, the Jersey Shore wannabe buddies, and brothers Elliot and Andrew, ran into a problem as a window broke on their trip, so they needed to pull off and fix it. This pushed the last bus, which had the remainder of the contestants on it, into the second place spot. Would the bus breakdown be the downfall of one of these teams tonight?

For their final challenge, the teams had to calculate beef! Yes, this was all about the brains – and the teamwork. One member of each team needed to figure out the average amount of weight per cow, in a pen of multiple cows. And if that was not tough enough, they had to do it with a live cattle auction going on, yikes! Rachel and Dave, and Art and J.J. decided to team up, and put their heads together, and it paid off as these two teams finished up before anyone else. Rachel and Brendon, and Mark and Bopper then had the same idea, which helped Rachel, who was extremely frustrated and on the verge of tears as she tried to calculate the cows.

As they raced to get back to their taxis, Rachel broke down once again when she realized that her taxi was not waiting there, yet somehow it turned out to be Brendon’s fault. Brendon spent his time in the taxi apologizing to Rachel, who was recovering from her emotional breakdown.  Rachel and Dave  Brown’s quick teamwork technique paid off as they, once again, landed in first place! Art and J.J. were second, followed by Mark and Bopper, who made a huge comeback this week. Rachel and Brendon made up and got over their issues, and they were safe for yet another week as well.

One by one the teams checked in with Phil, but back at the cattle auction were Joey and Danny, Dave and Cherie, and Elliot and Andrew, who were all struggling to calculate the beef. In the end, it was Dave’s awful math skills that were the downfall of the married clowns. The clowns spent most of the day at the auction, but by the time they made it to Phil, they were too late and they were eliminated.

Tune in next week for a brand new episode of The Amazing Race on CBS!

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