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The Bachelor Recap: Ben Questions Everything

February 27, 2012 08:02 PM by Candace Young

Last week on ABC‘s The Bachelor, hopeful Kacie Boguskie was sent home after an intense hometown visit with her family. Tonight, Ben Flajnik is closer than ever to choosing the woman he wants to be with as only three bachelorettes remain – Courtney, Nicki, and Lindzi. Keep reading for the highlights from this episode which includes the overnight dates in Switzerland…

Things kick off with Ben giving an overview of the remaining three bachelorettes – Nicki, whom he refers to as the dark horse, Lindzi, whom he says is a little bit city and a little bit country, and Courtney, whom he’s had a special feeling about right from the beginning of his season of The Bachelor.

Ben admits to still having concerns about Courtney and how she’s treated the other women because of the warnings he’s heard from some of the bachelorettes.

Nicki’s Date

In Switzerland, Ben and Nicki board a helicopter to start their day together. They take in some breathtaking scenery flying over mountains, lakes, and glaciers. They land on top of a mountain to picnic – what is it with this show and heights?! They have a discussion about being in love, and are comfortable together, but it’s not bowling me over with romance.

Nicki and Ben adjourn to a log cabin for dinner and continue their discussion about love and what life together would be like. Nicki has moved ahead enough in her mind to ask him how many kids he wants to have. Ben plays along, saying, “The more, the merrier.” He’s moved ahead in his mind to spending the night together and presents her with the fantasy suite card. She’s in. They make out.

Lindzi’s Date

Ben and Lindzi find out they will be doing some ‘intense’ rappelling over a ravine. They go off a ledge 300 feet up, and kiss while hanging over the gorge. Ben tells the camera he loves this woman. After, they head to a hot tub to get close and chat about her ‘transformation’ into a softer, more open person.  He notes that she’s much more affectionate, but wonders what the night will bring.

Lindzi, who’s been hurt badly in the past, braces herself to be vulnerable and let Ben know how she feels. At dinner, Ben, who is inexplicably wearing a distractingly dorky bow tie, listens as Lindzi launches into a bit of a ramble about being guarded before putting it out there that she is falling in love and would like to see this end in a proposal. Ben’s response is to offer the fantasy suite card. Lindzi says she wouldn’t normally spend the night with someone, but she’d love to with Ben.

Courtney’s Date

Ben goes into his date with Courtney still concerned about her issues with the other girls. Courtney seems oblivious at this point. They take a train ride and look down on glaciers, villages, and fall foliage. They arrive in a Swiss town and shop for cheese and such for a picnic. Ben talks to the camera about how open Courtney is to trying new things… Courtney also speaks to the camera, once again expressing new-found remorse about how she treated the other girls along the way.

Over their picnic, Ben tells her he noticed her twisting the knife at times with the girls, and he wished she’d made it easier on him. Courtney acknowledges saying hurtful things. Ben abandons the conversation.

They have dinner in a candlelit wine cellar. Courtney raises the issue of how she treated the other girls – saying she feels badly and the situation brought out the worst in her at times. Ben says he wants this to work, but needs support. He says he has lots of women friends, and a mother and sister, and he wonders if they’ll support his interest in Courtney when he gets home. She takes accountability, and says she thinks he has  good sense of who she really is. Ben hands her the fantasy suite card. Ben says he’s ready to take their relationship to the next level and have uninterrupted (awkward pause)…everything! Courtney and Ben make out in the hot tub.

Kacie Returns

As Ben is feeling his concerns about Courtney have finally been laid…to rest, Kacie B shows up at the door to his suite. She is a self-described ‘hot mess’ of nerves.  Kacie tells him she wants answers about why he let her go – she didn’t see it coming. Ben confirms what we all knew – totally different families. He couldn’t see it happening and didn’t want to drag things out for her because he cared. She says she respects her parents, but what makes them happy doesn’t necessarily make her happy.

Kacie says she loves him, and doesn’t want to see him get his heart broken again, so she’s saying everything now. She tells him if he chooses Courtney he’ll get hurt. He asks why. Kacie says Courtney’s in it just to win it. Kacie wants him to be happy even if it’s not with her. Ben sighs and shows her out. He hugs her, but then firmly closes the door. Kacie takes a time out on the hallway carpet. She tells the camera if Ben proposes to Courtney, he’s going to get hurt, and he doesn’t need that again.

Rose Ceremony

Ben claims to be more confused than ever about Courtney after Kacie’s visit. He sits down with Chris Harrison and says he’s second-guessing himself. Ben says he thought certain things were put to rest and now he’s questioning everything again. Chris asks if he wants Kacie in the Rose Ceremony. Ben quickly says it wouldn’t be fair. Chris gives Ben some time to get his head together. Ben looks at the infamous framed photos as he struggles over whether Courtney is there for the right reasons.

Ben stands before the three women and makes the required speech about how difficult this decision is tonight. Which life does he want to be a part of? Ben offers the first rose to Lindzi. The second rose – wait for it – goes to Courtney.

Ben walks Nicki out. She says she wants the best for him. Her voice cracks as she says she hopes he’s making the right decision. Ben says she’s incredible, her family is incredible, and he’s enjoyed every minute he’s spent with her. He tells her he cried over this, but he did start to have doubts. Nicki says she’s afraid he’ll be hurt, and she hopes that’s not the case.

Next week…the Women Tell All.

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  1. mary upton Says:
    February 28th, 2012 at 1:39 pm

    I think Ben is not the man he says he is as much as he cared for Kacie B I don’t think he would have let her go because of what her parents said. He is crazy and they made a cute couple and she is awesome and real


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