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The Voice Recap: The Final Blind Auditions!

February 27, 2012 08:25 PM by Shayla Perry

Tonight on NBC, it’s the last round of Blind Auditions, as the four superstar coaches – Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Cee Lo Green, and Christina Aguilera – round out their teams and get ready for the next phase of the competition, the Battle Round. Who did they choose? Catch all the highlights of tonight’s episode of The Voice after the jump.

This week on The Voice, with only 9 spots remaining, the competition is getting even hotter, as the coaches are more selective about the artists they want to complete their teams and head into the Battle Round and beyond.

So who made the cut, and who didn’t?

First up is Whitney Myer singing “No One.” “Choose me, don’t choose me. I’m a fan of yours Whitney,” shouts an enthusiastic Blake Shelton, who turned his chair along with the other coaches. Adam says that she can win the entire competition. Will Whitney Myer be the next winner of The Voice? If she is, it’ll be another victory for Adam Levine, as she chooses the Maroon 5 rocker to guide her throughout her journey.

David Dunn performs “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved.” All of the coaches agree that David “Dunn” good, but it just wasn’t good enough to get one of the few spots left on their teams.

It’s going to be a rough night!

The Shields Brothers “punch America in the face with rock ‘n roll” performing “Dancing With Myself.” The crowd is thoroughly entertained, as is Cee Lo Green – a true rocker at heart and Billy Idol fan. And with that, The Shields Brothers are officially members of Team Cee Lo.

Cheesa, a Hawaii native who was raised in L.A. sings “If I Were a Boy.” Right before she hits her very last note, Cee Lo (the coach she was hoping for) pushes his button, adding Cheesa to Team Cee Lo, and leaving just one last spot in the Red Zone.

Preston Shannon takes to the stage singing “In The Midnight Hour.” At 64-years young, Preston’s looking to take advantage of the coaches’ professional experience, but unfortunately, no one turns their chair for the Blues singer.

Next up is Lex Land with “I Can’t Make You Love Me.” Within seconds, both Adam Levine and Cee Lo Green are pushing their buttons for the music camp counselor, and Blake Shelton is soon to follow. Adam is so excited to work with Lex that he’s already giving her tips! So who does she choose? Surprisingly, it’s Blake Shelton.

Cameron Novack, the self-proclaimed triple threat, performs “You Oughta Know,” but none of the chairs turn. Admitting that he made a mistake in not pushing his button (and that they all thought he was a woman), Cee Lo and Adam ask if they can cheat. The audience erupts with a chant of, “CHEAT!” begging for the show’s producers to let Cee Lo add Cameron to his team, but, it’s a no go.

Orlando Napier is next, singing “Waiting On The World To Change” while playing the piano. It’s not long before Adam Levine is pushing his button, and for a minute, it looks like Blake Shelton is going to do the same, but he quickly changes his mind. So, Orlando is the final member of Team Adam.

Looks like Tony Lucca has some direct competition! Could this be a match-up for the Battle Round?

Lee Koch takes the stage singing “Like a Rolling Stone.” Blake likes his voice, and Adam urges the others to turn their chairs. Everyone is hesitant, but it’s the harmonica solo that seals the deal for Christina Aguilera, who chooses Lee.

Wade, a young man with an old soul, performs “Rehab.” His rendition is so diverse that Adam thinks it’s another duet, and Cee Lo is so stirred by Wade’s performance that he turns his chair, making Wade the final member of his team.

So now it’s down to just Blake and Christina.

Adley Stump is next singing “Last Name.” Just before her last note, both judges turn their chairs at the same exact moment. Blake admits that it was Christina’s interest in her vocals that pushed him over the edge, and Christina tries to sell her on her ability to train Adley vocally. Which coach will she choose? Going with her heart, Adley chooses Blake, rounding out his team of 12.

After a string of pitchy performances, Sera Hill takes the stage singing “I’m Going Down.” So taken by her talent, Christina is compelled to grab a mic and jump on stage to sing with her…and she does!

What a perfect ending to the Blind Auditions.

Next week, the Battle Round. It’s about to go down!

Who was your favorite blind audition tonight? Are any of them the future winner of The Voice?

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