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The Biggest Loser Recap: Did Karma Bite Back?

February 28, 2012 08:23 PM by Lisa Princ

Last week on NBC‘s The Biggest Loser, the “Anaconda” drama hit an all-time high, as Conda Britt took out her next victim, Daphne Dortch. As the tensions ran high last week, the black team threw the weight, which left Bob Harper disappointed, but did the contestants redeem themselves this week? Read on for all the highlights!

The Biggest Loser kicked off tonight as Alison Sweeney informed the remaining contestants that they would be heading home for 18 days, which was probably the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. While they were at home, any and all contestants who could lose 5% of their body weight would gain automatic immunity at the elimination. The only problem with that was all the temptations surrounding the contestants, could they handle the pressure?

Before they could even settle in and catch up with their families, the contestants were greeted by a video from Ali, and a challenge. Each contestant would be rowing 10,000 meters from home! They would all do it at the same time, with the first person to finish winning a ten thousand dollar prize! We did not learn who won until the weigh-in, but it was Mark and Chism, who were pretty much neck and neck the entire time, with Kim and Emily right on their heels! Poor Chris was in last place the entire time, and even had to stop at one point for some leg cramping.

While at home, The Biggest Loser contestants struggled to avoid temptations, especially Cassandra, who had the bright idea to jump right back into baking – and shoveling a cookie down! We also watched as Emily made a breakthrough with her dad, and Megan was able to get on her horse for the first time in years, even taking her for a ride! Jeremy persevered through the temptations of hanging out with buddies, and luckily, we did not see much of Conda. Kim had a rough week as she was struggling with being away from her kids for so long, that she did not take care of herself as good as she could have while at home.

Meanwhile, Chris and Roy were reunited, but Chris was presented with all the stress of their home, as it appeared to be falling apart. Needing so much work done on their home, Chris revealed that she and Roy do various odd jobs just to make ends meet – sounds like that $250k prize would come in handy for these two. Chism was thrilled to be home as well, and we watched as he performed with his band, which was something he had missed while at the ranch. We did not see much of Chism and Mark working out though, but we did see Buddy hit the gym with his brother.

When the contestants returned to The Biggest Loser ranch, Bob Harper and Dolvett Quince were thrilled to get their hands on them for the last chance workout. Before they weighed in this week, we found out that Chism had won the rowing challenge and $10k, by only seven seconds over his dad! Here is how the players fared at the weigh-in:

Bob Harper’s Black Team

from 293 lbs to 282 lbs (-11)

from 217 lbs to 205 lbs (-12)*gained immunity

from 245 lbs to 231 lbs (-14)*gained immunity

from 196 lbs to 185 (-11)*gained immunity

from 216 lbs to 199 lbs (-17)*gained immunity

from 188 lbs to 175 lbs (-13)*gained immunity

Dolvett Quince’s Red Team

from 309 lbs to 289 (-20) *gained immunity

from 179 lbs to 169 lbs (-10)*gained immunity

from 226 lbs to 215 lbs (-11)

from 193 lbs to 186 lbs (-7)

from 317 lbs to 294 (-23) *gained immunity

Both Jeremy and Buddy hit the 100 lb mark this week, and Buddy was thrilled to have made it into the 200 range – somewhere he had not been since his daughter passed away. This weigh-in was tricky because Mark and Kim were the only two facing elimination on the red team, but almost all of the black team had gained immunity. Chism was the last black team player to weigh in, and he needed to lose 12 lbs to win the weigh-in for the black team and win immunity. But, if he did that, he was also sending his dad to the elimination room.

As you can see from the numbers, Chism only lost 11 lbs, which meant that he was automatically eliminated since all of his team members hit their goal and gained immunity. As soon as Chism’s weight was revealed, Mark burst into tears. Mark pleaded that the producers let him go home instead of Chism, but at that point Chism stood up and told his father no. Chism has proven that he has grown up a bit and insisted on taking responsibility for his actions. In the end, Karma did bite the black team for what they did to Daphne last week. Chism is currently blogging on NBC’s site, and told us all to check in with him there!

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