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The Newest Members of Team Adam Levine & Team Blake Shelton Dish About ‘The Voice’

February 28, 2012 04:28 PM by Shayla Perry

They were the last contestants selected to join Adam Levine and Blake Shelton‘s teams on NBC‘s The Voice, but the talent displayed by these three artists was definitely first rate. Find out what Whitney Myer of Team Adam, and Team Blake’s Lex Land and Adley Stump had to say about their Blind Audition experience after the jump.

Question: Whitney, how does Adam Levine’s style fit with who you are musically?

Whitney Myer: I feel like he kind of straddles more than one genre, which I would like to think that I do as well and that was part of my reason for choosing him. I feel like musically we’re a fit that way because he has soulful influences, but he also has rock and pop, and I feel like I have similar qualities as an artist.

Question: Lex, did you have a preference as to what team you wanted to join going into the Blind Audutions?

Lex Land: I did actually want to be on Blake Shelton’s team. I thought that he was a really great coach last year and I felt that regardless of the outcome of the show, if any coach were going to continue to support me or mentor me with whatever happened, it would probably be him. So I was thrilled when he turned around and in the heat of the moment, I wasn’t really sure who I was going to choose, but I ended up sticking with my initial feeling and I’m really glad that I did.

Question: How much did your nerves and anxiety have an impact on your audition?

Lex Land: It’s been a little bit strange because I normally am not nervous. I of course I get butterflies or whatever before I perform, but once I’m on stage…being nervous on stage is really foreign to me. Honestly, that day it felt the same. I had butterflies and when I got on stage I felt totally fine, and I think that it’s a really nerve-wracking situation, but when I started singing and the coaches turned it was less nervousness and more being emotionally overwhelmed. I was just so happy and relieved that I had made it through, it was really hard to maintain my physical composure at that point. So there were definitely nerves involved, absolutely, but it was just one of those things that just kind of came out of the blue and smacked me in the face (laughs).

Question: How has it been being teammates with someone you’re actually in competition with?

Adley Stump: Lex and I, we’re good friends and we are apples and oranges! We are directly competing against each other I guess, but you just think it’s what they’re looking for. If Blake chooses Lex over me, then she has the sound that he felt he could win with. There’s nothing I can do to change that, so it doesn’t change any of the friendships on the team. There is so much humility and we become like family out there, so you just encourage each other, and it’s never a malicious thing – or it never was that I was aware of. … It was, ‘Whatever they’re looking for, I’m going to do my best, you do your best.’ It’s really out of our hands from there.

Lex Land: It’s a strange situation to know that we’re all being pitted against each other, but we get to spend so much time with our teammates that we really do become like family and become very close friends and we all know the situation that we’re in, but because of that, everyone’s just really happy to support one another. Whatever happens…Blind Auditions, Battles, whatever, it’s going to be yes or no and there are so many variables and factors that could land someone going home or not going home, and we know that, so everyone’s in the same boat and we really do support one another. It’ll be interesting to see if that attitude continues the farther the show goes.

Question: Whitney, what went through your mind when Adam Levine said he thought you could win the whole competition?

Whitney Myer: I was flabbergasted that such a successful artist like Adam said that to me. I was completely honored and humbled by that comment, and at that moment, that’s honestly what kind of sold me on Adam. I was leaning toward him because he was so genuine, but that comment…. If someone can get behind me that much, and he really thinks that I can do that well on the show, then of course I want to work with him. So that was honestly the selling point for me with Adam.

Question: If you couldn’t be on Adam’s team, which other coach would you have picked?

Whitney Myer: I think Blake [Shelton] seems so genuine and he seems like such a cool guy, you know, down-to-earth; and he said he was a fan which was so cool. The other ones were very complimentary, but none of them said like, “I would buy your album.” Blake said, “I would download your song.” Like, that’s cool. So I feel like I might’ve gone with Blake because, he might not have been the first choice to think of for my genre, but he just seems like such a cool guy. I think I might’ve wanted to kick it with him and get some direction from him, so I think he would’ve been my second choice.

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