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The Real Housewives Of Orange County Recap: Is Anyone Laughing?

February 28, 2012 08:28 PM by Megan Thompson

Tonight on Bravo, it’s an all new episode of The Real Housewives Of Orange County. Will Vicki tolerate Gretchen and Tamra’s new found friendship? Keep reading for all the details from tonight’s RHOC episode!

Tamra drops by Vicki’s (and Don’s) house to kiss some serious butt.  Even though Vicki tries to pretend she isn’t mad about Gretchen and Tamra being buddy buddy at Heather’s painting party, Tamra know’s better.  Vicki goes as far as to say that Tamra is kissing Gretchen’s ass.  It’s really all about Vicki being jealous that her BFF is cheating on her. As a peace offering, Tamra gives Vicki some sex toys for her new found sex life.  Vicki gets all bible on Tamra and preaches to her that people who are really in love don’t need sex toys.  Do you think Vicki is really a freak in the bedroom? 

Heather and Alexis meet for some sushi to get to know each other better. The two greet each other with air kisses and Alexis compliments Heather’s hand bag. Immediately Heather inquires about Alexis’s job. Alexis shares that she is a news anchor.  “You’re a news anchor?” Heather asks in a mocking tone.  In an off-camera interview Heather doesn’t think that Alexis is “that cerebral” to pull off being a news anchor.  Wait until Heather sees the clip from Alexis’s report on national booty awareness month – oh wait -that might only prove Heather’s point! Alexis seems very nervous at lunch, it seems she is very intimidated by Heather.  In an off-camera interview, Heather seems to think the only thing her and Alexis have in common is that they are both women.  Snotty, joking or just calling it like it is?  I think everyone is still trying to figure out Heather.

It’s our least favorite housewife, Slade! Slade is practicing his stand-up routine for his mother. Of course, the main focus of Slade’s comedy routine are the housewives. ”The dogs are more entertaining than you at this point,” his mom tells him.  Like all of us, his mom wonders where Slade got his sudden infatuation with doing stand-up comedy.  Please make him stop mama Slade! 

Onto Tamra and Eddie who are talking about moving in together.  Tamra is concerned that she is moving in without a ring on her finger.  Slow down Tamra, your divorce isn’t even finalized yet!  Tamra is nervous about this next step in their relationship, but does she really think she can do better than Super Eddie? Later Tamra and Eddie head out to dinner. Tamra is frustrated that her ex, Simon, will not sign the divorce papers. Then Tamra drops the bomb that she doesn’t feel ready to move in with Eddie just yet.  It’s very important to Tamra that she can support herself and her kids on her own for awhile.  ”I love you and support you.  You need to be who you want to be,” Eddie tells Tamra.  See, he is super Eddie!

It’s the Gretchen and Slade show at the Improv.  Alexis and Heather have shown up to show their support. Gretchen gets on the stage first and does a little routine, but bombs big time! So what does Gretchen do?  Gretchen strips down into her bikini!

The first real comedian gets on stage and says, “What the F*&% was that?”  Then the audience finally laughs and claps. The only person worse than Gretchen, is Slade!  No one is laughing at what Slade is saying, it’s so awkward!  The only person who thinks it’s funny is Alexis, if that tells you something! Then Slade starts attacking Tamra and Vicki in his routine and he is pretty brutal about it.  It’s going to be really ugly when the ladies hear about Slade’s routine.  On the way home, Gretchen and Slade fight about him being so cruel to Tamra and Vicki. 

Do you think Slade has a future in stand-up comedy?  Let us know what you thought of tonight’s episode, leave a comment below.

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3 Responses to “The Real Housewives Of Orange County Recap: Is Anyone Laughing?”

  1. Bets earn Says:
    February 29th, 2012 at 4:51 pm

    Vickie is too old for the show,timid for new blood. Not Hesther she is a bore. Tamra is getting looking shop warn who watches all her kids while she is out getting drunk….Gretchen is fun to watch but she needs to find a spouse who wil, beable to pay some bills.but honestly time for Vickie to go baclk to insurance selling

  2. IceCoffeeGoddess Says:
    March 2nd, 2012 at 9:22 am

    Slade and Gretchen are useless and deserve eachother. Alexis is a pig shat from the bowels of hell.

  3. Anon Says:
    March 6th, 2012 at 6:16 pm

    I think Vickis angry face is so hilarious and she makes it often you just have to watch for it. I think it’s so amusing to me cuz my Mom does the same thing. Haha. ALL the housewives are dumb twits that exploit their lives to get chewed up and spit out by the mainstream media. Get a real hobby and do something worth while!


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