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The Voice’s Team Cee Lo Green & Team Christina Aguilera On Their Blind Auditions

February 28, 2012 06:21 PM by Shayla Perry

The teams are set and it’s time for the Battle Round, but first, find out what Team Cee Lo’s WADE, Cheesa, the Shields Brothers, and Sera Hill and Lee Koch of Team Christina had to say about their debut on NBC‘s The Voice during the last Blind Auditions — including that impromptu duet with Sera and Christina Aguilera!

Here’s what the artists had to say during their recent interview….

On singing with Christina Aguilera…

Sera Hill: “It was unbelievable. She’s my idol, she’s an icon, and I wasn’t expecting it, but I was just trying not to trip and fall, trying to sing the notes right, and Christina [Aguilera] singing with me was just an added bonus and it was just so surreal. Very, very surreal. My dreams came true. It was a dream come true; absolutely.”

On having a fanbase…

Rory (The Shields Brothers): “It’s incredible. We’ve never had such an impact on Twitter. Before this thing we had no Twitter followers and in like an hour we had like thousands compared to what we had.”

Tristan (The Shields Brothers): “Hold on, it’s not by comparison. Actually a thousand. It’s not ‘like thousands,’ it’s actually a thousand. From zero to a thousand is what we’re saying, but it felt like millions.

“I think America really loves rock-and-roll, which is why they loved getting punched in the face with it last night by us. I think that the fanbase is there, they just didn’t realize it.”

On making it onto a team — even if it was at the very end…

Sera Hill: “I was hoping that I’d actually get to audition. I was one of the very last people to go and I was like, ‘Oh, gosh, what if all the teams are full and no one picks me?’ So the fact that Christina turned around and liked I’m Going Down, it was amazing and it just helped me bring back the real soul music that I’ve always loved and she’s the best role model for that.”

Lee Koch: “There’s a few days of auditioning…when we’re told that we’re going to be on one of the later days, I think we kind of assume like, ‘Alright, it’s going to be down to the wire.’ We don’t know how many spots are left – there could be one, there could be five – but we know naturally there’s only going to be a few left, so I think it is a little more nerve-wracking for the people who have to go toward the end, but I mean, that’s the only way it can work, so it’s just how the cards are dealt.”

“I did get a little nervous when it was coming down to the last few seconds of my song. When [Christina] hit her button I was in shock. I didn’t realize I pointed to her until I saw it last night. I thought I kind of just kept playing and didn’t even realize she turned around. It was a shock, but it was great and I’m thrilled to work with Christina. I know it’s an odd match-up, but I think that makes for more entertaining viewing. She does some bluesy kind of stuff, I do some bluesy kind of stuff…I think we can find a middle ground and do some sweet stuff.”

On what was going through their minds during their Blind Auditions:

WADE: “Well, I tried not to focus on the chairs and play to the audience, but it’s hard not to. In those first couple of seconds of my performance I was like, ‘Come on, somebody turn around,’ and then finally, when Cee Lo pressed his button [I breathed an] internal sigh of relief that made things a lot easier.”

Tristan (The Shields Brothers): “The song was actually a lot harder than it looked because we bumped it up a few keys; actually, probably harder than it sounded because you can’t really see it. But when Cee Lo turned around, we were like, ‘Screw it, let’s go crazy.’ That’s when we started to jump around and throw mic stands and stuff like that”

Sera Hill: “What was going through my mind was, ‘Oh my gosh, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and you’ve gotta nail it,’ and I just was trying not to fall in those high heels.”

Lee Koch: “I tried connecting with my siblings in the audience because they were going nuts through my whole performance, so I didn’t really focus on the chairs too much at all.”

WADE: “I don’t know if you noticed in my performance, but when Cee Lo turned around, I almost stopped singing. [I was] like, ‘I made it; done deal.’”

Cheesa: “It was so close to the end of my song I really was preparing my speech to say thank you for listening and I’m really glad that Cee Lo turned around at the last second. It was such a blessing.”

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