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American Idol Recap: Top 12 Female Contestants Perform Live

February 29, 2012 08:25 PM by Lisa Princ

Last night on FOX‘s American Idol, the top 12, err, 13 guys took the stage, and blew the judges away. Tonight, it was ladies night, but could the top 12 girls perform as good as the guys? Read on for all the highlights!

American Idol kicked off with a good ole southern gal, Chelsea Sorrell, who was up first with her rendition of Cowboy Casanova by Carrie Underwood. Chelsea has a nice voice, but for a Carrie Underwood tune, I felt it was mediocre. Randy told Chelsea that she could sing, but he was not sure the song choice was good for her. Jennifer Lopez called her nasal-y, while Steven Tyler thought she sang good, but that she needed to watch her timing.

Erika Van Pelt, who was thankful to be away from being a disc jockey, was hoping to be electric tonight. Erika took on Heart’s What About Love, but to be honest, it was hard to even hear her voice through the music. The judges loved her. Steven said she nailed it, while Jennifer thought Erika was great, but could have pushed it further. Randy ended by saying she could have gone the extra mile, but he loved her “Adele vibe.”

California girl, Jen Hirsch was up next, and she gave us a tour of her family’s winery. Jen was hoping to show the love tonight. Jen gave us her version of Adele’s One And Only. Jen’s vocals were beautiful, and she left the crowd on their feet. Jennifer Lopez loved that she let loose and gave us the feeling of the song. Steven Tyler loved her confidence, and told her that she “has it.” Randy Jackson told Jen that she is one of the greatest singers in the competition this year.

Brielle Von Hugel, who auditioned last season and made it to Hollywood, was up next. Brielle shared her love of performing and entertaining. Brielle chose to perform Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay by Otis Redding. It was a good, strong, performance and the judges loved it. Steven called it beautiful and Jennifer gushed that she did not think people gave Brielle enough credit. Randy said that Brielle surprised him with her swagger.

Hallie Day, a former waitress, was up next. Hallie was hoping to let loose tonight and entertain. Hallie Day gave us a powerful performance of Feeling Good. Jennifer Lopez kicked off saying that Hallie looked like a star out there and did a beautiful job. Steven Tyler said that he loved Hallie’s old fashioned voice. Randy Jackson kicked off by asking Hallie what kind of singer she wanted to be, and when she replied with Soul, Randy was happy with that.

18-year-old Skylar Laine was up next, and Skylar shared her love of her small town. Skylar rocked out to Stay With Me by Faces, and she did a stellar job. Sklyar was excited and she brought that to the stage with her tonight. Randy called Skylar a rocking country girl – a mix of Kelly Clarkson and Reba McEntire. Jennifer Lopez gushed that Skylar is a natural born performer, and she was like “Tina Turner gone country.” Steven Tyler loved it and told Skylar that she was on fire.

Baylie Brown, from Texas was up next. Baylie introduced us to her grandfather on her trip down memory lane, as she gushed that he is her best friend. Baylie took on Amazed by Lonestar. Baylie looked gorgeous, but the performance was not good compared to the other girls. Steven Tyler kicked off by saying that he was not sure it was the best song choice. Jennifer agreed, but praised Baylie on her beauty. Randy said it was shaky and pitch-y, and it could have been a lot better, claiming that Baylie never had control.

Hollie Cavanaugh was up next, and she took us on a quick trip home, where we met her brother and her dog. Hollie gave us her rendition of Reflection. Hollie’s performance was heartfelt and beautiful. Steven loved the song, and said that Hollie hit all the notes perfectly. Jennifer agreed and told Hollie that her voice is so strong, she could win in, and guaranteed that Hollie would be a front-runner. Randy Jackson told Hollie that she was a favorite of his, and he loved her vocals, but wanted her to let go a little.

Haley Johnson, who we met in Portland, was up next with Sweet Dreams by The Eurythmics. This was by far the worst performance of the night. Haley was all over the place, and just a mess. Jennifer was up first and she said that she hoped America could hear the special things she did with her voice, but the song was not a good choice. Steven Tyler said she loved how she acted on stage, while Randy was at a loss for words. Randy then gained his composure and said it was more of a nightmare than a sweet dream, which is exactly what we were thinking!

16-year-old Shannon Magrane was up next and we learned all about her tall family. Shannon chose to perform Go Light Your World by Chris Rice, and it was absolutely amazing. Shannon has one strong voice for such a young lady, and she looked like a princess in her gown tonight. Shannon was worried that her song choice was risky, but it paid off! Randy kicked off saying that Shannon came out swinging, and that is how they all should do it. Jennifer loved Shannon’s passion, and how she sings from her soul. Steven Tyler loved it, and called it gorgeous.

Jessica Sanchez, another 16-year-old, filled us in on her nerves since she had some swollen vocal chords this week, but she was going to give it her all. Jessica tackled Love You I Do by Idol’s own Jennifer Hudson. Jessica showed off her powerful vocals in this amazing performance that had the judges on their feet. Randy kicked off by saying that Jessica was one of the best of the last two nights, and a force to be reckoned with. Jennifer Lopez loved her confidence, and Steven Tyler thought her voice was perfect.

Last of the evening was Elise Testone, who was hoping American Idol would give her the exposure she needed. Elise took on One And Only by Adele. Elise did a good job, but was it as good as Jen’s version earlier in the evening? Steven Tyler said that Elise blew it out of the water. Jennifer said she was impressed by her unique tone, and then gushed that she was one of the best singers there. Randy Jackson ended by saying that Elise is one of the best voices, but he hopes that America gets it.

Well, the girls seem to have evened things up with the guys, giving us another night of awesome performances. Now, it is your turn to vote America! See you tomorrow night for the first live results show of season 11!

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