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The Biggest Loser’s Chism Cornelison Talks About His Emotional Elimination

February 29, 2012 02:22 PM by Lisa Princ

Last night on NBC‘s The Biggest Loser, the contestants went home for a few weeks, and everyone on Bob Harper‘s team gained immunity by losing 5% of their body weight while at home – except for Chism! After what was the most emotional elimination this season, Chism Cornelison talked to reporters today about his experience. Read on to hear Chism’s thoughts.

The Biggest Loser fans watched an emotional elimination last night as Chism hit the scale and did not lose enough to save his team, or give him immunity. In odd twist of fate, Chism was only one pound shy of saving his team, but if Chism had lost enough to save his team and gain immunity, it would have sent his father Mark to the elimination room with Kim. Needless to say, it was a very emotional elimination that left Mark begging to switch places with Chism. Chism was in great spirits today though as he spoke with the media about his experience. Check out Chism Cornelison’s interview below!

Question: Can you tell us how it felt last night on the scale?

Chism Cornelison: You know, I went in confident. I mean, I knew I had some struggles, but didn’t think I would miss my goal. It was devastating – knowing that my journey on the ranch was done, and I was heading back home, where I did not do as well. Then, seeing the reaction from everyone left me with mixed feelings. It showed me how much they really loved me and how much of an impact I had there. They appreciated me more than I even knew. I was nervous because I had to go home, but sometimes crazy things like that have to happen for us to get to our goals.

Question: How difficult has this season been with all the drama in the house?

Chism Cornelison: It was extremely difficult with the drama. You throw 20 people in a house, you know there is going to be craziness, and you have to learn to push past that. It’s the cost of being there – to mesh with these personalities. As far as all that goes, I tried to stay away, but like everyone else I got sucked in at times. Then, I realized I needed to get back on track and focused. It was a big topic conversation for everyone, even Bob, who told us not to focus on the craziness.

Question: What did you find that you learned about yourself on The Biggest Loser?

Chism Cornelison: Emotionally, being overweight takes its toll on you. Then, you are thrown into a house with people all going through the same thing. We all really love each other and want to help each other, but we were all going through different things. I never thought I would have to deal with the emotions, but I cried there more than I ever had in my life.

Question: How did your girlfriend feel about your journey?

Chism Cornelison: At first, she thought it was a really cool thing, but then she didn’t know what to make of it. She didn’t expect the change that was going to happen. Going home, I am more appreciative, and it’s been great on our relationship. I can do more things because I am more energetic, so she wants to do more with me. I am not in that depressive state anymore, so she wants to show me off more. She has always known me as a big guy, and now she realizes this was a change for the better.

Question: Has the weight loss affected your music at all?

Chism Cornelison: Yes, actually being on stage is something I liked to do all my life, but I would get sweaty or run out of energy quickly. By the end of a show now, I have tons of energy and want to keep going. It also¬†helps my singing, I mean, if you are out of breathe, you can’t control your voice as well. It has significantly improved my stage performance and voice.

Question: Can you share a funny moment that maybe the viewers did not see?

Chism Cornelison: Well, you all know that Jeremy and I are good friends. In fact, all of the younger contestants hung out together. One night, late at night, Megan came into the house screaming about some ghost on the ranch. So, Jeremy, Conda, Emily, Cassandra, and me went out there to check it out. Of course, my and Jeremy’s goal was to scare Megan any way we could. We would hide behind the trees and jump out to scare her…we did that for a while and it was late and we should have been sleeping, but it was funny.

Question: Has the show gone too far with the twists and turns that seem to cause drama?

Chism Cornelison: You know, I don’t know, I think there is value in both sides. People like to see twists and be shocked. Everything is done for a reason. As much as people want to see straight weight loss, it is not as entertaining as the twists and turns. I don’t know what happens the rest of the season, if something dramatic happens to ruin show, then it would make me want to tune out. Otherwise, I would still keep watching.

Question: Can you tell us about your bond with Bob Harper?

Chism Cornelison: It’s crazy. I have been watching The Biggest Loser since season 2 or 3. I told everyone I would be team Bob all the way if I ever went on the show. Going to the ranch and being on his team was amazing for me. I never thought it would be such an awesome experience, I was star struck at first. We have a unique relationship. One minute he would be yelling in my face, and the next he would be telling me that I was like a son to him. We have a really cool relationship, and still keep in touch. Bob Harper is such an awesome guy who helped me so much.

Question: Can you tell us how much weight you have lost so far?

Chism Cornelison: As of the first blog, I am down 85 lbs. That is how much I can say right now. Follow me week by week and you will see from each of the blogs how much I have lost. I am still doing the blog and will continue up until the finale.

Check out Chism’s blog at NBC.com!

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