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Jersey Shore Recap: Rose Petals and Handcuffs

March 01, 2012 09:11 PM by Candace Young

Last week on MTV‘s Jersey Shore the episode ended with Snooki and Vinny walking home together after spending time on the boardwalk, and flirting with the idea of taking a shower together. Keep reading for the highlights from this week, and to find out if Snooki will hook-up with Vinny behind Jionni’s back again…

Snooki and Vinny arrive at the house, where Deena and Pauly D are making plans to go to Jenks later. Pauly and Deena grill the pair on whether it was a full-service date. Snooki replies that she tried to get Vinny drunk but it didn’t work. Snooki passes out, joining Sammi, Ronnie, and Jenni. Deena takes a call from Joey, who cancels out on meeting her at Jenks.

Deena goes out with the boys anyway – Pauly, Mike, and Vinny. At Jenks, Pauly spots Angelina and awkwardly avoids her. Mike brings a girl back, but once in the smoosh room, she claims to be shy and only wants to cuddle. Pauly makes out all the way home with a girl, who tells him she’s got her period. He gives her his number and sends her on her way.

Mike sends his girl home in the morning and gets on the phone to order breakfast for everyone. When the order comes he mooches through the house trying to find money for a tip. Pauly is thrilled to get up and find breakfast waiting.

Jenni, Sammi, and Deena head down to the sex store since it’s Jenni and Roger’s first anniversary. On the way back, Deena talks about Joey and gets angry when the girls says they think he’s bad news. When Deena goes in to buy hair extensions, Sammi and Jenni agree that Joey isn’t into Deena.

Mike, Snooki, and Ronnie have to go into work. Mike is energetic on the sales floor, but Snooki is barely awake and announces she’s too depressed to contribute. Snooki and Ronnie leave the store on break, and Mike gets in touch with The Unit – it’s time for Snooki to be exposed tonight.

Vinny and Pauly go to the boardwalk to shoot pool and have a bitch session about the couples in the house. They decide to remove the bed from the smoosh room so the couples will stop using it.

Back at the house, Jenni plans to decorate the smoosh room with bondage equipment and sex toys to keep things fun with Roger since they’re generally not very romantic. Many wouldn’t equate bondage with romance, but, hey, to each their own. Pauly and Vinny follow through on their plan to remove the bed, but hiding the nasty mattress isn’t as easy as they’d hoped – Sammi catches them in the act. Jenni starts hollering when she finds the bed missing, but drags it back inside and covers it in rose petals and handcuffs. The guys sneak in and make fun of it.

Roger arrives and is quite pleased with Jenni’s revealing top and the smoosh room preparations. They joke about being an ‘old’ couple and having their ‘once a year’.

Everyone gets ready to go out. Vinny appears in a plaid shirt and rolled up khaki pants. They call him ‘Jerkel’. They head down to Karma, where Snooki runs into Jionni’s parents while looking for him. Mike meets up with The Unit to go over the master plan. Deena, meanwhile, confronts Joey about what she’s been hearing – that he’s not genuinely into her. He denies it. Sammi keeps a watchful eye on them.

Mike’s plan is temporarily derailed when he learns Jionni’s family is at Karma – he doesn’t want things to get too messy. He retreats to wait for Jionni to arrive and for the right moment to present itself. Pauly and Vinny complain about the number of grenades in Karma.

Later, Snooki convinces Jionni to leave after they have a run-in with Mike and The Unit. Mike isn’t giving up, though, and is determined to take the matter back to the house. The Unit, however, is wasted enough to be falling into traffic. Mike props him up and they stagger up the street. Deena has a final confrontation with Joey, who tells her she’s annoying. She also heads back to the house, as do Sammi and Ronnie, and Jenni and Roger.

Halfway back to the Shore house, The Unit gets arrested. Mike’s plan seems to be foiled again. He goes to the house and phones The Unit’s roommate to let him know what happened. Ronnie appears and suggests Mike go to bed – The Unit’s not getting out tonight.

In the early morning, Mike is on the phone checking in about The Unit, when the golden opportunity presents itself – Jionni appears and Snooki’s still sleeping. Mike takes Jionni out on the deck for a private conversation…

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