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Survivor: One World — Exit Interview With Matt Quinlan

March 02, 2012 08:00 AM by Ryan Haidet

One thing is certain about Matt Quinlan, who was just booted from Survivor: One World.  The dude is an alpha male.  Well, that’s what he thinks of himself because he repeatedly said during his exit interview with reporters on Thursday.  In the conference call, Matt explained why he is such an alpha male, how that hurt him in the competition and then addressed how it feels to have his edit showcase his arrogant side.  But while trying to hinder some of his arrogant attitude that came across on the show, I think Matt made it a lot worse with his answers to the following questions because he talks an awful lot about how much of an alpha male he truly is.

Question: What did you think of your portrayal on the show because a lot of people thought you were arrogant?

Matt Quinlan: I think I was portrayed like that and that was somewhat disappointing to me.  There certainly were times where I was brash and cocky, and that’s the game that brought that out in me.  That’s just kind of the competitive nature of being in this situation.  That’s what came out.  But there’s also lots of times, of course, that I was being humble, and friendly, and laughing and enjoyable with everybody.  I don’t think America got to see that.  I ended up being a character who was either loved or hated.  I got a lot of that.  There’s really no in-between ground in terms of how people viewed me.  People either loved it or hated it.  That’s fine.  I’m OK with that.  I think that’s a lot better than being invisible or “who is Matt again?”  I certainly don’t want to be there, but I do want people to know that I’m not a jerk.  You don’t have to hear it from me, just ask any of my tribemates down the road and I feel confident that they would agree.  I don’t want to toot my own horn, but to some extent I feel the need to defend myself because I’m not a jerk.  Do I have an edge?  Yeah.  Are there times I would get loud and cocky?  Yeah, there are, but that’s not all the time.  That’s not what makes me.

Question: Why do you think you couldn’t find a footing with the guys on your tribe?

Matt Quinlan: I think I had a footing, it just wasn’t as firm of a footing as I would have liked.  I think that I was targeted from the first day out there after we had split into men versus women. …

Question: Do you think your tribe underestimated your ability in some of the mental challenges?

Matt Quinlan: I do.  From first looking at me I think they thought I was a physical threat.  I was one of the bigger guys, I was in shape or whatever.  We got to know each other and we were all friends out there.  We’d all sit around the campfire at night and laugh, and tell stories, and play grab ass and all the stuff that guys do out there.  They did have a pretty good feel for who I was, so I think they knew I was a bright guy.  That didn’t help matters.  That didn’t make anything better.  Maybe if I weren’t bright or they perceived me not to be bright, they wouldn’t have been threatened.  But I just think, all things considered, they decided that I was the biggest threat to them whether it be physically or mentally.  I’m not saying I was smarter than all them, but it was a good combination of physical and mental prowess.  I think that they saw that because it’s hard to hide who you are when you’re spending every hour with people. …

Question: What do you think made them perceive you as an alpha male when there were other “muscle” men on Manono?

Matt Quinlan: I am an alpha male and I know that about myself.  I think that was pretty easy to see.  I wasn’t the only alpha male.  I think Colton was an alpha male and I think Troy was an alpha male.  I think Mike might have been.  But I was that and it was really hard for me to try to suppress that.  I think they saw that and thought that right away.  I just feel that the guys that were in the other alliance looked at everybody around and just determined that I was the biggest threat to them, whether that be physically, mentally, advantage with the women — all the stuff that goes into a Survivor evaluation of trying to figure out who it is that poses the biggest risk or threat.  That was me.  I don’t think I was the only choice, but obviously I was the primary choice.  That put me in a spot that I was really scrambling from the very beginning just trying to do whatever I could to avoid that fate.

Question: Where do you think the men’s team has gone wrong so far?

Matt Quinlan: From a personal standpoint, I think that for whatever reason they became intent on trying to vote out who they viewed to be the biggest threat in the game.  That was the goal and seemed to be the determination of the group that’s been labeled the misfits since day one.  They really wouldn’t get off of that.  It was always very high on their priorities to get rid of me or Mike.  They went wrong by becoming so obsessed with that goal that they failed to see that Colton was really the one who was the most dangerous; who was probably, in my eyes, the least trustworthy at the time, who had the most power at the time.  It seemed as though Tarzan felt that Colton’s good fortune and good position was gonna be his, which is crazy.  For whatever reason I think they just got blinded and had their head blinders on and were hunting me down as opposed to really looking around and trying to determine who posed the biggest threat.  In my mind, I think it was very obvious to be Colton.

Question: Why didn’t you guys figure out a strategy to get Colton out of there?

Matt Quinlan: I tried as hard as I could to try to pitch that to the guys.  For whatever reason, people seemed to be pretty intent on trying to get rid of me and take advantage of the opportunity to get rid of the person they viewed as the alpha male since the beginning.  To me, Colton was obviously the biggest threat there.  He had the Immunity Idol, he had the relationships with the girls, he seemed to have decent relationships within our tribe whether it be within the group that’s called the muscle or the group that’s called the misfits.  People should have wised up and realized that even though he’s not a big, strapping guy, he was every bit as dangerous as I was — if not more so.  I was definitely trying to sell that to the guys.  That was kind of my last stand to try to rally a group to get rid of Colton, to open their eyes and get him to at least use the Idol or have him go home with the Idol.  I was big on using Tribal Council efficiently if we could.  I wanted to do two things at Tribal that night: Flush that Idol and vote out Bill or make Colton go home with his Idol.  I think I made a pretty sound argument to the guys in terms of what we should do and how we could accomplish as much as possible at Tribal. …  I thought I was able to sell it, but obviously they didn’t see it that way.

Question: How frustrating was it with the women getting handouts from some of the guys?

Matt Quinlan: I wasn’t the only one who wanted to take a little bit of a harder line.  By harder line, I don’t mean put it in the girls face, it was just to say, “Hey, no.  You guys can’t have our fire.”  They weren’t letting us use their boat or their supplies, so it wasn’t difficult to say no.  I would say half the tribe was like, “We’ve got to stop helping them,” the other half of the tribe was more on the fence, but as time rolled on I think people started to get it.  By day five, six, seven, I think a pretty strong majority said, “Enough.  We’re being taken advantage of.  The girls are waltzing over here, batting their eyes at us, trying to get our embers and in our shelter.”  I think eventually they got it.  It was a game.  In real life, of course we would take care of them.  I’d go make the fire for them in real life, but this is a game of Survivor for a million dollars.  I can’t think of any good reason to allow my competitors to sleep well and eat well.  It didn’t make sense for me to give in.

Question: Will you stay in touch with any of these people?

Matt Quinlan: I honestly consider all those guys friends of mine.  I would love to stay in touch with them.  I’m sure that I will.  Survivor is like a fraternity or sorority that is a special group that I appreciate.  For me, I’m thankful that I got to play.  I got to meet a lot of really cool people — a lot of really different people that I wouldn’t normally get to meet.  I’m thankful and I don’t have any sour grapes whatsoever.  We’re all playing a game out there. …

Question: What are you going to remember most about this experience?

Matt Quinlan: I’m gonna remember two things about it.  One, how awesome it was, and how real it was, and how iconic it was and how thankful I am to be a part of it.  But I’m also going to remember how disappointing it was for me, personally, to go down the way it did.  I certainly didn’t anticipate that, it was just incredibly disappointing.  There’s this bittersweet memory of this wonderful thing, this unbelievable opportunity, that just didn’t go like I had hoped.

What do you think of Matt after reading this interview?  Do you think he was unfairly portrayed on the show?  Are you happy he was eliminated?  Sound off and leave a comment below!

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3 Responses to “Survivor: One World — Exit Interview With Matt Quinlan”

  1. Trish McLeod Says:
    March 2nd, 2012 at 10:30 am

    Ryan Haidet:
    If you’d like for me to post links to your Survivor recaps and interviews can you please kindly reciprocate with a link alongside sir links alot’s link? Several other websites are reciprocating with me. Thanks for your consideration.

  2. Kathryn Colman Says:
    March 4th, 2012 at 11:33 am

    Matt is an A$$! He has joined the tribe of prejudiced asses of Survivor. Season after season, I watch the bigots and homophobes show their true colors, and Matt is no exception. He stated in his interview that he wanted Colton out, then Bill. Wow, Matt, your are arrogant, racist and a chauvinist PIG!!!!!

  3. Chad Says:
    March 8th, 2012 at 2:27 pm

    you brought up that he was an alpha male. Don’t hear him ranting about it on and on as you portrayed him to in the beginning. What’s the big deal. He is one…ok. Now what?


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