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The Amazing Race Recap: Alliances Are Formed And Enemies Emerge

March 04, 2012 07:54 PM by Lisa Princ

Last week on CBSAmazing Race, the teams continued their adventures in Argentina, but it was the clowns that could not keep up. This week, the contestants head to Paraguay where we will see alliances formed, and enemies emerge. Read on for all the highlights!

The Amazing Race kicked off tonight as Phil Keoghan stood under the 200-year-old rubber tree in Buenos Aires, announcing that the teams would be heading to the airport to catch a flight to Asuncion, Paraguay. Rachel and Dave were the first to depart for winning last week’s leg, and the other teams would follow in the order in which they placed last week. J.J. and Art were right behind them, and as the two top teams met at the airport, they desperately tried to get on the first available flight, but they were placed on standby, and could only hope they were able to head out before the other teams.

Unfortunately for Rachel, Dave, Art, and J.J., all of the other teams arrived at the airport and followed in their footsteps by reserving standby seats! Luckily, Rachel, Dave, Art, and J.J. were then given the only four remaining seats – or so they thought! At this point, there is a strong alliance between Rachel and Dave and Art and J.J. as they vowed to help each other as best they could. There were another four seats on the first plane out, and Nary, Jaime, Bopper and Mark were granted those seats, leaving the five remaining teams behind to catch the next flight – two hours behind them. Of course this meant a dramatic meltdown by Rachel Reilly, but what is not dramatic to her?

Next, it was time for a detour and the teams had to choose between stacking watermelons perfectly into a huge pyramid or stringing a harp. Oddly, most of the teams chose the watermelons, which logically seemed like the more difficult choice. The watermelons proved to be an easy task for Art and J.J., who stacked them up perfectly while everyone else’s seemed to crash continuously. And they were the only team that did not struggle with them as we watched Rachel and Dave, Bopper and Mark, as well as Nary and Jamie switch over to stringing harps!

As they were leaving, Bopper and Mark ran into Kerri and Stacy, and they played it off like they finished the watermelons, so they could steal the girls’ taxi! As you can imagine, Kerri and Stacy were not the least bit pleased when they got in and saw how difficult the challenge was, and they ended up leaving as well. Brendon and Rachel also left after a few minutes, but not before Vanessa could throw some very rude remarks at Rachel, even commenting that she could see Rachel’s entire behind as she was trying to gather watermelons. Anyone else have a feeling we are going to see a cat fight soon?

Meanwhile, when Rachel and Dave arrived to string harps, they realized how many other teams were there with them and they decided to use their express pass. By this point, Art and J.J. had already moved on to the roadblock, which consisted of dancing around with a bottle of wine on your head, which is a tradition in Paraguay. Art and J.J. finished this roadblock and the entire leg tonight in record time. They scored the first place spot and won a trip to the Bahamas. On the other hand, their alliance team, Rachel and Dave could not balance any of the bottles and Dave wound up breaking every single one, leaving them with a two hour penalty.

As Rachel and Dave waited, we watched as Rachel Reilly blew right through the balancing roadblock, earning them second place tonight, followed by Joey and Danny – another set of teams that have seemed to form an alliance. Just as Bopper and Mark and Nary and Jamie checked in, Rachel and Dave’s two hour penalty was up, so they landed in sixth place tonight. Kerri and Stacy had a little difficulty balancing the bottles, but they ended up in seventh place.

The battle was on between Vanessa and Ralph and Elliot and Andrew. Vanessa and Ralph could not get their watermelon pyramid to stack up, but they did not give up – was it Karma for what Vanessa said to Rachel? Meanwhile, Elliot and Andrew almost threw in the towel to switch over to watermelons, but they persisted and it paid off. Elliot and Andrew beat Vanessa and Ralph to the roadblock, but when Vanessa and Ralph showed up, Elliot was still trying to balance the bottle after many failed attempts.

Ralph had no problems getting through the roadblock quickly, and as soon as he finished, Elliot ended up finishing as well. It was a race to the very end, but Ralph and Vanessa made it to the finish line first with Vanessa gasping for air! Brothers Elliot and Andrew Weber were eliminated, much to their disappointment. Tune in next week for a brand new episode of The Amazing Race on CBS!

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