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The Bachelor Recap: The Women Tell All

March 05, 2012 07:56 PM by Candace Young


Last week on ABC‘s The Bachelor, Nicki Sterling was sent home by Ben Flajnik, leaving him with just Lindzi Cox and Courtney Robertson as potential love connections. Keep reading to find out what Ben’s bachelorettes have to say on tonight’s Women Tell All – especially when they get their chance to confront Courtney…

This week, The Women Tell All episode of The Bachelor kicks off with a video montage of some Bachelor reunion parties, including one in Las Vegas that saw Ali Fedotowsky and Frank (who famously left her season because of an old girlfriend) reunited!

Chris Harrison welcomes Ben’s bachelorettes to the studio and asks them about arriving at the mansion the first night. Nicki says she loved Ben from Ali’s season of The Bachelorette and was over eager from the start.  Chris runs a montage that shows the other girls bashing Blakeley and Jamie, and a few of Courtney’s antics.

Chris talks to Blakeley first. She says the girls had no basis for calling her names. They all sound off about her sucking face with Ben and not being friendly. Blakeley says she is more mature and hearing all of this illustrates why she had her guard up.

Brittany is asked why she opted to leave. She admits she felt no attraction to Ben whatsoever. Samantha thinks it’s because Blakeley and others were mean to her. Brittany insists she didn’t want to be there because she wasn’t into Ben. Samantha interrupts and goes on about her being bullied, which causes Brittany to snap – she tells Samantha she was the chihuahua in the house – she just doesn’t stop talking!

Shawntel Newton infamously crashed this season of The Bachelor, and now she’s back. Chris shows a montage of the women’s vicious reactions to her presence in the house. He can tell it hurts Shawntel to watch it. She says some of the things that were said about her appearance were unbelievable. She would never be as rude as some of the women were. Chris points out that Ben almost had the choice of her or lose the house. Elyse addresses Shawntel and apologizes, explaining the she was taken off guard. Rachel says it was the way Shawntel came in that set them off. Erika, who made the comments about Shawntel being uglier in person and having thick thighs, now kisses Shawntel’s ass, telling her that obviously she’s gorgeous… Shawntel tells Chris she has no regrets and everything is great with her.

Chris calls Emily to join him on the hot seat. She tells Chris she had feelings for Ben, and thought things were progressing, but obviously he didn’t. She believes he came to see her as an antagonist to Courtney. Chris asks what she thinks now. Emily takes exception to him skinny-dipping with Courtney when he did, because it then became about sex and not necessarily a relationship. Chris says she’s figured out men! Emily also comments about Ben warning her to tread lightly when she spoke out about Courtney, saying that’s not how the man of her dreams would have handled it. She ends by saying if Ben picks Courtney he’ll have made his bed and will have to lie in it.

Nicki, who exited The Bachelor most recently, joins Chris on the hot seat. He acknowledges that she fell in love with Ben. Nicki says Ben made her feel loved and it felt natural, and that she was genuinely shocked when he sent her home.

Kacie, who was sent home following the hometown dates, is next on the hot seat. She talks about leaving and feeling like she wasn’t good enough – she fell in love, but Ben didn’t. Kacie admits she was so blindsided at the Rose Ceremony that she didn’t even remember what he said – that’s why she wanted to come back and get answers. She tells Chris she is ready to fall in love again.

Chris introduces a montage of Courtney’s more irritating moments on the show. One of the girls yells out, “Winning!” The girls get a chance to air their opinions on Courtney and are critical of her telling Ben she’s sorry about how she acted in the house in recent episodes. Rachel and Casey both saw a different side of Courtney. Emily explains that Courtney made herself irresistible to Rachel, Casey, and Ben. Most of them seem to think she was there to win and would have pursued any Joe Schmo. Chris announces that Courtney is backstage.

Courtney joins Chris and takes the hot seat. Chris tells her the women are understandably pissed at her. Courtney claims to have come into it not wanting confrontation at all, which causes the girls to shake their heads. Blakeley asks what she ever did for her to call her names. Courtney shrugs – nothing. Chris brings up Emily’s apology, and how Courtney threw it back in her face. Courtney wishes she’d handled that differently. Jennifer asks why she suddenly told Ben she regretted the way she’d acted in the house when it was down to three women left. Courtney says she realized it was affecting her relationship with Ben, which prompts the girls to nod – she was doing it for Ben and to repair her image – not because she meant it. Kacie calls her out for the constant little jabs she made at her. Courtney says the situation was hard for her. Emily says it was hard for all of them, but none of them acted the way Courtney did.

Courtney apologizes to the girls, saying she came into The Bachelor for the same reasons they all did. She insists she’s not a mean-spirited person and the process just brought out the worst in her. Emily reminds her she said she doesn’t forgive and forget – is she now asking them to do that? The other girls begin to talk all at once – they’re still not buying it. Courtney turns on the waterworks and says she takes back every mean thing she said. She talks about the tabloids hounding her family and friends and how difficult it’s all been. Courtney leaves, but it doesn’t seem she convinced the others that she’s insincere. The word ‘bitch’ follows her out to her limo.

Ben comes out and tells Chris, “Welcome to my nightmare.” Jennifer is the first to ask him about why he sent her home – he basically says she was a few steps ahead of him feelings-wise. Emily questions Ben next. He references the lack of focus on their relationship. Nicki tells him she thinks he’s great, but is curious about his doubts. Ben says he loved their conversations, and doesn’t really know what it was in the moment that he made his decision. He says after watching the show back, there are things he might have done differently. Jamie (the kissing instructor) lets Ben know she’s still interested if it doesn’t work out with whomever he chose!

They watch a video montage of some funny moments from the season, and Chris thanks Ben for coming to face his former girlfriends.

Next week, Ben will make his choice on The Bachelor Season Finale. Do you think he should choose Courtney or Lindzi?

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  1. EloiseM. Says:
    March 5th, 2012 at 8:26 pm

    I can truly say that this was the BEST WTA show ever. So happy they properly ripped into Courtney and did not believe her latest antics or apology. Courtney slipped and said She did like Ben. Then she corrected herself and said I still do like Ben. She is sorry she hurt him. That pretty much tells us where they stand with each other. So happy she couldn’t do Damage Control as she expected. Everybody in America is not a fool. The women went easy on Ben. How come?


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