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The Voice Contestants Dish About Their Battle Round Experiences

March 06, 2012 05:59 PM by Shayla Perry

They came, they saw, and  in most cases, they conquered. Find out what Jesse Campbell and Chris Mann of Team Christina, Jordis, Brian Fuente, and RaeLynn of Team Blake, and Team Cee Lo’s Cheesa had to say about their first (and thankfully their last) Battle Round experience on NBC‘s The Voice, working with their advisers, and what they really think about the team members they were paired against after the jump.

Here’s what the artists from NBC’s The Voice had to say in their latest interview….

On the person they thought they were going to face in the Battle Round…

Cheesa: “I was preparing myself to be paired with WADE or Jamar [Rogers], because I feel like they’re more of my style. It was very nerve-wracking. Angie [Johnson] is a beast. When I first watched her audition I wasn’t expecting [her to be a] rock star. She owned the stage, she has such a great presence, so I was definitely intimidated and scared, but…she’s dope. She’s a beast. That’s all I can say.”

Jesse Campbell: “I wasn’t really expecting Anthony [Evans] for whatever reason. I just knew that they wouldn’t put two Christian background performers together, and when they did, I’m like, ‘Oh well, it is what it is, so let’s have fun with it.’”

Chris Mann: “I actually thought I was going to get Anthony, who Jesse ended up battling. I don’t know why I thought that. The other thing, being the classical sort of opera guy on the show, I thought perhaps they were going to put me with Moses Stone, the rapper, purely because they didn’t know what else to do with us.”

RaeLynn: “I actually wasn’t that shocked ’cause Blake [Shelton] would always joke with me and Adley [Stump] because she was from Oklahoma and I was from Texas and he would always like say stuff about it. So I kinda, in the back of my head thought he would put me with Adley, but then I also thought maybe Jordan [Rager] because he’s my age, so I thought either Adley or Jordan; it wasn’t too much of a surprise.”

Brian Fuente: “I think, looking back, for Jordis and I to be paired with one another, first of all we were surprised – both of us were extremely surprised at that moment when Blake chose us two. But looking back, I think it does make sense because we are the two rockers of the group, so we were both shocked, but it kinda made sense.”

Jordis: “It was funny because Brian and I have become friends throughout this whole process and I think as obvious [as] the pairing was, we were both hoping that our names wouldn’t be called together. So…we didn’t want to battle each other. Nobody wants to battle each other.

On working with the special guest advisers…

Chris Mann: “Speaking with Lionel [Richie] was an honor for me, as somebody on the show who’s really trying to represent the male vocalist category, and who better than Lionel Richie. They didn’t actually show a lot of what we talked about. We had one moment — I was really not in a good place that day as they showed, mentally. I was also very sick and wasn’t singing my best, and Lionel and Christina both said some very inspirational things to me that helped snap me out of it and give me a lot of confidence about how they handled singing when they’re sick. And Lionel said something in particular that I took away which was, ‘The you that showed up today has been enough,’ and I certainly was not feeling that way at all, but I remembered that and took that into the Battle Round for sure, and I’m very much thankful to him for saying that to me.”

RaeLynn: “I had been talking about Miranda Lambert ever since I first auditioned for the show in Nashville. She’s been such an inspiration to me and for [Blake] to bring her on as an adviser, I almost had a heart attack. I told myself I wasn’t gonna cry, ’cause I didn’t want her to think I was like a crazy, psycho fan, but I almost did cry because I’ve been listening to her ever since I was 11-years-old and being able to meet someone that has inspired you so much in music, was just a dream come true for me. For her to tell me that she loved my voice and for me just to stay who I am and who I am is unique, and all the compliments she gave me will be compliments that I’ll live with for the rest of my life and it was truly a moment I’ll never forget. She’s such an amazing person and I love her and Blake so much, and I can’t believe that The Voice let me meet the person that I have been listening to my whole life, so that was pretty magical for me.

Jesse Campbell: “I feel as though Christina and Lionel, they really gave me advice that I will remember for the rest of my life: ‘Don’t overdo it, just do you, and own the moment, but at the same time, remember that you’re singing with someone, and the both of you have to sell the song together. After you do you and make the moment without doing too much, then graciously hand it off to your partner.’ So, that’s something I’ll take with me throughout the rest of my career.”

Brian Fuente: “Walking through that door and seeing Kelly Clarkson was absolutely shocking. Just to be able to sit there side-by-side with such an amazing talent was just incredible. She’s been through this experience before and she just taught me so much about being confident, and she was just complimenting me on my voice and just, ‘You got it, you’ve got what it takes,’ and just hearing that from her was — those words were irreplaceable. It was just mind-blowing that we were able to share that experience together.”

On what they learned from working with their Battle partners…

Chris Mann: “I said it last night, and I believe it’s true…I’ve never worked with a singer who displayed so much emotion with every note and every word, and I would get sort of lost watching Monique [Benabou] perform ‘The Power of Love,’ knowing that I had to come in. And I would get really self-conscious because I would feel like such a stiff compared to her — with so much passion. If I learned anything from the Battle Round, it’s that connecting and emoting every word in every song you sing is extremely important, and Monique is a genius at that.”

Jesse Campbell: “Singing and working with Anthony, it was a joy, because Anthony is such a great person, and it made it so much more challenging as part of the competition. Because as Jordis said, we don’t do what we do to battle; we do what we do because we love it, and from a place of love, and cooperation, and to work with Anthony, we both had to set aside what it was that we came here to do as far as the loving and approach it from the competitive point of view. And Anthony certainly sings with a lot of emotion, and he didn’t let anything that I said or anything that I did effect him to the point where he didn’t deliver. And that’s what I appreciate and what I got from working with Anthony. And whether we were practicing on stage or not, he was always Anthony, and that’s what I loved about him”

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