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Isaac Mizrahi Talks Project Runway All-Stars

March 07, 2012 06:09 PM by Shayla Perry

Before this season of Lifetime‘s Project Runway All-Stars comes to an end (mark your calendar: March 22nd!), find out what famed designer Isaac Mizrahi has to say about the show’s final four contestants, his favorite guest judge, and the moment that had fans across the country (himself included) collectively gasping in his most recent interview.

On the All-Star designer who’s grown the most since their debut on the original Project Runway….

Isaac Mizrahi: “From my perspective I think it’s Michael [Costello], actually. I think he’s grown the most since his first season. I mean, I remember thinking about Michael when I first watched him…’Wow, he really needs to come a long way.’ And then, by the end of that particular season, I felt he did great, he learned a lot. And by the time he came to All-Stars he really was ready; he really was one of the really, really good ones.”

On his fascination with the Teletubbies….

Isaac Mizrahi: “I love Teletubbies. I don’t think it airs anymore. It was totally random, but you know what… I actually did a collection that was totally inspired by Teletubbies a long time ago. The primary colors, and the sky, and the grass… It’s so clean and beautiful and futuristic, so I love it. The shapes and the personalities….”

On how he would describe the final four designers….

Isaac Mizrahi: “I would describe Austin [Scarlett] as flamboyant and feminine. Kenley [Collins] would be pure and sort of witty. Mondo [Guerra] would be inventive and soulful; Mondo has a lot of soul I think. And Michael [Costello] is I would say, sexy and luxurious.”

On watching (and often times, not watching) past seasons of Project Runway and how that impacted his ability to effectively judge the designers….

Isaac Mizrahi: “I have to say, some of them I know from their past seasons, and some of them were completely new to me because I hadn’t seen them. But it didn’t matter because I think each week we watched what they do and we assessed what they do with fresh eyes. One of the things I think is important to do as a judge is to really divorce yourself of all kinds of predisposition. You have to say, ‘Oh, I don’t know anything about this,’ and look at it with fresh eyes. After a while that’s a very easy thing to do because that’s so incredibly challenging. In the end, it would be fine if we didn’t know whose clothes were whose, we would just judge that way. But I think that benefited them and it benefited me. It was really good for me to see things that way too because I learned stuff in the process. I think that’s why I did the show because when you give criticism you teach, but you also learn from just seeing things that these edgy, kind of wonderful, talented people do.”

On the most surprising elimination this season….

Isaac Mizrahi: “I was the most shocked to see Rami [Kashou] go. When it happened, I feel like we could hear the gasps across America. And honestly, that was a very rough week because it was about highs and lows, and [kind of a] trick week for judging. (…) It was a shock to all of us. He was such a great competitor, and such a great thinker, and such a great artist. And it was such a shock; it was shocking.”

On his favorite guest judge….

Isaac Mizrahi: “Without question it was Diane Von Furstenberg, just because she’s so eternal herself; she’s such an icon. When she opens her mouth to say something, it’s incredibly entertaining, and it’s wise, and stylish…. I love watching her, and so, I love being around her.”

On his favorite Project Runway All-Stars moment….

Isaac Mizrahi: “I think my most favorite moment was the ultimate moment when somebody won. (…) It was the best moment because week after week, the worst moment was someone going home, right? Honestly, I think everyone of us gave very candid criticisms, and we gave it to them as straight as possible. And I would say that no matter what, it’s difficult to tell someone that they have to go home. No matter how nicely you put that, it’s a difficult task. Somehow, what made up for that week after week was watching someone’s face as they won. (…) It really was just wonderful to see how incredibly motivating and inspiring that is for the designers. So, I would say my favorite moments – plural – were when people won. The best moment would be when the actual winner won.”

Find out the identity of that winner during the season finale of Project Runway All-Stars, which airs Thursday, March 22 at 9|8c on Lifetime.

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