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Million Dollar Listing New York Recap: Series Premiere

March 07, 2012 09:47 PM by Lisa Princ

Bravo‘s Million Dollar Listing returned tonight with their New York edition. If there was any doubt in your mind that this one would not be as much fun as L.A., you’re wrong – the new agents were a blast to watch tonight! Read on for all the highlights!

Million Dollar Listing New York kicked off the series premiere with an introduction to the agents: Fredrik Eklund, Michael Lorber, and Ryan Serhant – ladies, can we say man candy? Fredrik, originally from Sweden, was up first and shared with us how his love for New York fits in well with his “crazy” personality. Then, Michael Lorber explained that real estate runs in his family, as his father is also his boss, and the most intimidating man he knows. Michael added that his father would fire him in a heartbeat if he messed up – and his father definitely looked like the type that would!

If you thought that Ryan Serhant was a player just by his pictures, you were correct! Ryan, a former Soap Opera actor, admitted that he uses whatever means necessary to get what he wants in real estate, and in his personal life. As soon as he was greeted by his assistant, Ryan tried to fill her in on his wild love fest from the night before, but luckily she was completely disgusted and cut him off.

Then it was time to watch these real estate gurus in action on Million Dollar Listing New York – they were all smooth talkers, but could they pull off a deal? Fredrik met with a tough client who was looking to sell his water view apartment, and move on up to a larger apartment in the same building. Fredrik worked his charm on this guy, but he was tough and would not budge on his listing price of 2.2 million. Fredrik proved that he had some heart during the negotiations on a new apartment for John. The new apartment was selling for more than John was looking to spend, and Fredrik took a cut in his commission ($25,000.00) to get him the deal – now if he could just sell John’s old apartment!

Meanwhile, Michael’s dad sent him to meet with another agent, for what would hopefully be his very first deal on his own. Upon meeting Leonard, the other agent, Michael learned that this was sort of like a co-listing, but if Leonard sold the place first, he would take all the commission. Michael scrambled, but was certain that he could get one of his “uptown” clients to purchase to this “downtown” place. Michael eventually found someone who would be a perfect match for the place, and she submitted an offer, but unfortunately for Michael, in a rookie move, he waited until the weekend had passed to submit the offer, and the place was already sold by that point.

Ryan and Fredrik had an awkward meeting in a local restaurant, where Ryan tried to pretend he did not know Fredrik, but could not avoid him when Fredrik greeted both Ryan and his client. The two took some jabs at each other, and Ryan announced that Fredrik has done gay porn in the past. Fredrik did not deny it at all, and seemed to enjoy the fact that the world knows about it. Ryan then headed out to de-clutter an apartment he was trying to sell – this chick had thousands of pairs of shoes, even taking up an entire bathroom. She was such a hoarder that she had a fingerprint keypad to open her closet, so no one could mess with her stuff!

By the end of the episode, Fredrik was still trying to sell John’s apartment, and he had a lesser offer on the table, so he decided to try a broker’s open. Fredrik’s broker’s open was filled with Swedish treats, and he proved just how crazy he is as he and his Swedish chef danced around the room singing in Swedish – it was quite comical! After he had barely any visits to the broker’s open, John called in and informed Fredrik that he would take the first offer, even though it was less than he originally wanted – score for Fredrik.

Michael ended the premiere as he met with his client to discuss the apartment that she lost out on, and she was not happy. Michael appeared upset as he did not realize that she loved the place that much. Wonder what his father will have to say about it next week? Meanwhile, Ryan got what looked like a birthday gift delivered to his office. When he opened the card, it read “Have a nice life,” and inside the package was a snake – uh-oh, he ticked someone off!

That wraps up the season premiere of Million Dollar Listing New York, but this definitely looks like it will be a fun show all season, so be sure to tune in next week for more!

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  1. Jackie Says:
    March 19th, 2012 at 11:32 am

    Ryan Serhant has no respect for women. Pretends he can’t remember the girls names. Tells his assistant about his sex the night before…please! Those who brag are full of it and I bet you he doesn’t have much down below too!

    He also makes very racist comments…He refers to the french agents as frenchies.

    He is SO NOT CUTE!


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