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The Biggest Loser’s Cassandra Sturos Chats About Her Elimination

March 07, 2012 05:43 PM by Lisa Princ

Last night on NBC‘s The Biggest Loser, the contestants had to swap trainers, and the black team had a meltdown! As alliances formed, Cassandra Sturos joined Kim and Emily with a plan to eliminate one of the stronger male players, but that plan backfired, and it was actually Cassandra who was eliminated! Cassandra Sturos chatted about her elimination today – read on for the details!

The Biggest Loser fans watched the girls’ plan backfired last night when they were dumb enough to tell Conda that they planned to eliminate one of the guys. As the black team lost the weigh-in, it was the girls who were up for elimination, and Cassandra was eliminated for her part of the master plan – not the “threat” nonsense that Kim brought up last night – some of these players must think the viewers are stupid, but we aren’t. In any event, Cassandra was in good spirits today during a media call. Check out her interview below:

Question: The red team had no issues switching trainers last night. So, why was it such a big deal to the black team?

Cassandra Sturos: I don’t know if was just the difference in our personalities, but the red team seemed to jump in with no problem. We girls, we have such a connection to Bob Harper that it was very difficult for us.

Question: Why on earth did you trust Conda? What do you think of her betrayal?

Cassandra Sturos: Honestly, it is a little misconstrued. We had gotten wind on the black team that the red team felt that Emily and I were the biggest threats, and that one of the two of us would be sent home. It was alarming to us – I was just thrown by that, I thought I had a lot of friends on both teams. I spoke to a lot of the red team and they were like, “yeah you were a huge threat.” We had talked about that amongst the girls. I was flabbergasted by that, and it was never even a thought of an all-girl finale to us. It was about the threats, but Conda knew that it would have never been Jeremy.

As far as Conda and I, we definitely had our moments, but after face-off week, we were instantly just fine. Conda is a spitfire, that’s for sure, but she also has so many good qualities. I do have a strong bond with her. As far as what happened with Daphne, I should have done things differently that week.

Question: How was it going back home?

Cassandra Sturos: Going back home, I was emotional and distraught. It was difficult, but it was a transition of mind over matter. The ranch was rehab, and I had to face all the things I did before and be confident that I had learned enough while there to overcome at home.

Question: What are your thoughts on Kim referring to you as a “threat”?

Cassandra Sturos: Kim is an amazing friend, I loved that she said that, and it was amazing for me to hear that. At least I could go home thinking I went out on top. That meant something, it wasn’t wasted time there. I was really successful at the ranch.

Question: If the black team had the say in the votes last night, do you feel it would have turned out differently?

Cassandra Sturos: I think had the black team been able to chose the vote, it would not have been me at all. I have to theorize and say that with Chris’ one pound weight loss, it would have been her. I don’t like to go down that road, but that may have been what would have happened.

Question: What was the hardest part of The Biggest Loser experience for you?

Cassandra Sturos: Facing my fears. I was so scared of failure. It was so conflicting for me because I am such a dreamer and have high hopes, but I never wanted to put myself out there. Now, I am doing things that I never, in a million years, thought I could do. It has made me so much stronger – to face my fears.

Question: How much weight have you lost to date?

Cassandra Sturos: I have lost 81 pounds to date.

Best of luck to Cassandra Sturos! We will see you at the finale!

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