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Jersey Shore Recap: One Meatball Stands Alone

March 08, 2012 09:09 PM by Candace Young

Last week on MTV‘s Jersey Shore we left off with The Situation leading Snooki‘s man, Jionni, out onto the deck for a private conversation. Keep reading to find out if Mike will drop the bomb on Snooki, and what Jionni’s reaction will be…

Outside, Mike tells Jionni man-to-man that he hooked up with Snooki before Italy when they were together. He goes on to describe how it happened. Jionni thanks Mike and heads upstairs to tell Snooki, who denies it once again. Mike lurks around the house, disgusted with Jionni for not reacting to his confession, and watching for signs of a blowout between Jionni and Snooki. He corrals Ronnie out on the deck and tells him, and then Sammi, about his exchange with Jionni. They are also puzzled at the lack of reaction from Jionni.

Back in the house, Jionni and the others listen as Mike rides Snooki about it all being out in the open now, and Snooki responds by telling him where to get off. Jionni tries to reign Nicole in when she takes to throwing pickles at Mike.

Later, in the kitchen, Mike tells the story to Pauly D and Vinny, who think Jionni took it so well because he’s banging other chicks six nights a week! Meanwhile, Snooki declares that she and Jionni will get married…whenever he proposes, which better be sometime in the future.

After Jionni’s gone, Snooki suggests to the others that they all go camping. This elicits much laughter as apparently ‘guidos; don’t generally go camping. A food fight breaks out and is fun at first, but becomes personal between Snooki and Mike. The others take cover to watch as all-out war ensues.

Mike and Snooki scream about her screwing around on Jionni. Mike says she did it with him and with Vinny. Snooki, covered in food, goes to roll around in Mike’s bed. Vinny tells the camera that he thinks Mike is telling the truth about hooking up with Snooki – that’s why she’s so pissed.

Later, Snooki, Ronnie, and Deena head to work at the t-shirt shop. Snooki is still caught up in the idea of going on a camping trip. Ronnie tells the cameras he doesn’t think the girls could deal with it. It’s the last shift, so the Meatballs say a fond goodbye to Danny and the Shore Store.

MVP head out from the house to GTL. The others get home from work and Deena calls Joey and makes a date. Snooki’s worried – the guy is just using her. The guys get involved – no one in the house likes this kid, Joey. Deena realizes if even Pauly and Vinny are coming up to her about him, something’s not right.  When Joey arrives and phones in to the house, Pauly answers and tells him Deena can’t come out. The duck quacks again. This time Jenni answers and tells Joey he’s a snake and to enjoy his summer.

All the guys are going to Aztec, but Ronnie doesn’t want to sweat that much, so he’s joining the girls at Jimbo’s. Deena is raring to get drunk. MVP feel like they’re back in action at Aztec – just like old times. At Jimbo’s, Deena opens up to Jenni about losing Nicole to Jionni – she tearfully says it’s like one Meatball stands alone.

MVP all bring home girls. Vinny opts for a ‘thick’ girl to add some variety to his diet.  In the morning, Mike sees off his chick and packing for the camping trip gets underway. Pauly and Vinny refuse to go on the basis that it’s unnatural for ‘guidos’. Once the others have left, Pauly and Vinny make plans to prank them while they’re away. They decide to recruit some manpower and head to the Shore Store for back-up.

In the ‘wilderness’ of New Jersey, Mike, Ronnie, and the girls observe the dirt and set about trying to erect tents. They make a fire with copious amounts of lighter fluid.

At the house, Pauly and Vinny set about turning the place inside-out, literally. They move all of the living room furniture out onto the deck. They blow up a baby pool to put in the living room as a stand-in for the jacuzzi, which won’t fit through the door. Danny arrives with Astroturf for the living room to make it look like the deck. They also empty out the bedrooms!

By nightfall at camp, Mike has taken to putting large green trees on the fire and fuels it with more lighter fluid. Deena tells the camera he needs to put down the fire – he’s like one of those people; a hermaphrodite or whatever! I’m pretty sure she meant a pyromaniac, but, yeah. Darkest night makes Mike exceedingly paranoid about what might come out of the bushes. Jenni complains it’s contagious. Debate picks up among the girls about Deena being single and feeling left out. Snooki feels bad.

In the morning, tempers flare at the campsite as Mike feels like he’s packing up without help, and Jenni deals with a huge spider on her clothes.

At the house, Pauly and Vinny eagerly await their housemates’ return. Snooki is the first through the door and screeches, “What is this?!”

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  1. tena Says:
    March 12th, 2012 at 11:12 am

    mike wants snooki so bad that he wants her and he will do anything to make troble and puts his nose into everyones business, he even try to mess with jwoww and her boyfriend telling on him mike loves making problems with everyone. but I got to say this mike is bi he ask just like a fag he walks and talks & w


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