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The Bachelor Recap: Season Finale

March 12, 2012 07:03 PM by Candace Young

Last week on ABC‘s The Bachelor, the women from Ben Flajnik‘s season reunited for The Women Tell All special, where they rehashed their time on the show, and even got an unprecedented opportunity to confront the season’s villain, Courtney Robertson, who predictably turned on the waterworks and took it all back. Keep reading for the highlights from tonight’s season finale as Courtney and Lindzi meet Ben’s mother and sister, and Ben makes his choice…

This week begins with The Bachelor, Ben Flajnik, getting choked up as he reunites with his sister, Julia, and mother, Barbara, in Switzerland. His sister, who sports the same hairstyle as Ben only way longer, is ready to ask the tough questions about why Lindzi and Courtney love him. Ben admits that Courtney had a tough time getting along with the other women in the house. Ben’s sister declares that a red flag. Ben’s nervous.

Lindzi Cox is first to be introduced to his family. Ben reminds his mother and sister that Lindzi is the girl who rode up on a horse at the beginning of The Bachelor. Mom asks Lindzi what brought her to the final two. Lindzi says Ben is amazing and she’s fallen in love with him.

With Julia, Lindzi admits the idea of a proposal from Ben is exciting to her, but Julia only wants to talk about Courtney. Lindzi diplomatically says Courtney seemed shut off from the others in the house – she didn’t understand her reluctance to make friends. Lindzi says they’re just very different. Julia tells Lindzi she feels comfortable with her, and would be happy if Ben picked her.

Ben sees Lindzi off and sits with his family. Words such as ‘special’ and ‘sweet’ are bandied about as they discuss her. Ben prepares them to meet Courtney the next day. Julia rolls her eyes at Courtney being a model, and again mentions her not getting along with the other girls – seems like it will be an uphill battle for Courtney!

Courtney arrives and Ben behaves completely different from when Lindzi came – he’s a bundle of nerves because he wants so badly for his family to approve of her. Barbara kicks things off by admitting the word ‘model’ causes her concern. Courtney acknowledges that it made the other girls in the house dislike her from the start.

Julia takes Courtney aside for a candid conversation about her not getting along with the other women. Courtney blames the other girls for not wanting to get to know her, but muses that she was honestly only interested in Ben. Julia tells her they are fearful of trusting her after the negative things they’ve heard.

Courtney meets alone with Barbara, and tells her how Ben is so funny and she loves him. Courtney says she feels vulnerable, though she’s confident in the connection she and Ben have made. Barbara thinks Ben is vulnerable too.

In a turn of events that is groan-out-loud predictable given the manipulative feel of The Bachelor this season, Julia reports back to Ben that Courtney is actually an amazing girl, adding that she learned a lesson today about not judging a book by its cover. Ben hugs his sister with a rush of relief.

Courtney says goodbye to Ben and tells the cameras that the next time she sees Barb and Julia she may be engaged to Ben!

Ben sits down with his family again, and refers to Lindzi as the ‘slow burn’ and Courtney as the love that has blossomed. Barbara and Julia rave about Courtney being a better fit for Ben. Between the family’s reaction and Courtney’s tears on the Women Tell All last week, viewers are obviously supposed to be revising their characterization of her as a total witch.

Ben continues to wax on about feeling torn and having a huge difficult decision to make – not buying it. He made this decision even before the skinny-dipping session, I’m guessing.

Lindzi’s Final Date

It’s awkward to watch Lindzi enthusiastically greet Ben for their final date and to see his lukewarm response.  He announces that he’s taking her skiing on the Matterhorn. She’s giddy. They ‘picnic’ in the gondola on the way up. At one point it stops completely and they hang suspended there. Lindzi chats happily about meeting his family. Ben responds neutrally and carefully as she tries to get answers about whether or not he sees a future with her. I’m not sure if she notices, but there’s just no sense of romance from his side of things. They ski and it seems fun. By evening, things progress to where it’s just horrible to watch Lindzi going on and on to Ben about loving him and getting married, and Ben is just giving her nothing in return.

Courtney’s Final Date

Ben and Courtney take off in a helicopter. She is supremely confident that they’ll soon be engaged. They fly over the Matterhorn and it’s clearly a breathtaking experience. They set-up beside a little fire on the mountain and Ben enthuses about his family giving her the stamp of approval. They toboggan down a slope and Courtney giggles and squeaks. Ben seems present, alive, and in the moment. Later, Courtney gives Ben a photo scrapbook of their journey together, and reads him a letter she wrote. Ben’s reaction isn’t as over-the-top as she expected, so she grills him for feedback and reminds him how difficult this has all been for her.

The Final Rose

As the day dawns, Ben continues to claim that he’s agonizing over what his decision will be. Ben does some ring shopping and suddenly is happy as a lark and says there is only one woman he is thinking about – makes you wonder what changed since he woke up so conflicted, right?

Courtney dons a black-sequined gown and cream cape and heads out. Lindzi is also wearing a black gown and cape – emerald green velvet. They are each taken to meet Ben by helicopter.  At the site, Ben is stoked to have found someone who loves him as much as he loves her.

Lindzi is the first to meet Ben. She makes her way to him, anticipating seeing him down on one knee. Lindzi gives him a nervous little spiel. Ben, in turn, says nice things about her lighting up whatever room she’s in, and how she made a great first impression. He then says he’s in love with her, but he’s found the lasting moments with someone else – he’s sorry. Putz! Lindzi stays silent as he walks her into the trees. She eventually tells him good luck, and to call her if things don’t work out (so wish she hadn’t said that).

At this point, Ben would still have us believe he’s confused about how this is going to end. Speechless. Courtney flies in still pretending like she’s worried. Right. She greets Ben with a kiss and he starts off with a deep breath, before talking about the ups and downs of their journey. He informs her that he promised himself that he wouldn’t get down on one knee again unless he knew it was for forever. Ben then tells her she’s his forever. He proposes. Courtney seems suitably impressed by the rock. She accepts, and says all the right things, but it’s honestly difficult to gauge her sincerity. Ben gives Courtney the final rose and tells her he’s loved her for a long time. No kidding!

That’s all folks. Stay tuned for The Bachelor: After The Final Rose.

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4 Responses to “The Bachelor Recap: Season Finale”

  1. cyndi Says:
    March 12th, 2012 at 7:49 pm

    if Ben wasn’t kissing all those girls (as he said he wasn’t) then ABC is really misleading the viewers.

  2. tina Says:
    March 12th, 2012 at 8:16 pm

    omg ben you are such a idiot,you kept the gold digger and threw away a princess.best of luck to you because you are going to need it.

  3. Elizabeth Primeaux Says:
    March 12th, 2012 at 9:21 pm

    BestBest wishes & good luck to you Ben. I hoI I hope Courtney doesn’t give you too much trouble growing up. I know it’s your choice, but, I so wished you would’ve choaen Lindsey. She’s much more mature and got what it takes. She’s not afraid of hard work. Sorry but Courtney looks like a spoiled brat!A whiney, cry nagging, witch. I hope for your sake I’m wrong…

  4. Dan Miller Says:
    March 14th, 2012 at 7:57 am

    I did not like Ben at all
    Bad Hair
    wimpy personality
    no experience with womwn
    way over his head fo this show
    Women really liked him
    He is a wuss…..


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