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Fashion Star Recap: The Journey Begins

March 13, 2012 08:54 PM by Veronica Dudo

NBC’s brand new reality TV series, Fashion Star premiered tonight taking viewers on an epic journey in the world of fashion. The show has mentors and buyers looking not just for a fashion designer but a fashion icon! In its debut, 14 designers show some of their pieces to store buyers in the hopes that their designs will be purchased. Ready for the unique twist? The signature pieces bought will be on sale for customers in stores tomorrow!

The 14 designers include Orly Shani, Edmond Newton, Oscar Fierro, Nikki Poulos, Nicholas Bowes, Barbara Bates, Ross Bennett, Sarah Parrott, Ronnie Escalante, Luciana Scarabello, Lizzie Parker, Lisa Vian Hunter, Nzimiro Oputa and Kara Laricks.

Host Elle Macpherson announces that each week the designers will be presenting a showcase to the buyers. If the buyers want to purchase the collection then the designers will be safe and can continue on in the competition. But, for those who do not make a deal–they’re at risk for elimination.

The three mentors are Jessica Simpson, Nicole Richie and John Varvatos. The buyers are Nicole Christie from H&M, Terron Schaefer from Saks Fifth Avenue and Caprice Willard from Macy’s.

First up is Orly Shani who is a bartender but is hoping to become a designer. Her signature piece is a mini-skirt that has a movable shell that zips over it. Edmond Newton is a barber stylist and is currently working on his bubble cocktail dress. The models walk down the runway. Macy’s offers $60,000 for Edmond’s collection while Saks Fifth Avenue offers $80,000 for Orly’s creations. Both designers make sales and are safe.

Second, is Oscar Fierro, who grew up in the poverty-stricken town, El Salvador. He creates dresses but doesn’t receive an offer while Nikki Poulos designs resort-wear and gets a $50,000 offer from Macy’s.

Nicholas Bowes is a former model and now wants to make it in the fashion world as a designer. His collection features the motorcycle jacket with pants and shorts for men. Barbara Bates quit her job in corporate America to pursue her dream of making clothes. She pairs her skirts and shirts together. It’s time for the buyers to make their decisions. Neither designer gets an offer!

Ross Bennett is married and enjoys hunting, fishing and designing. His signature pieces are flared out pants. Sarah Parrott is a wife and mother who has decided to follow her dreams of designing. The garment she presents is a shift dress. Unfortunately, Ross doesn’t receive an offer but Sarah gets one for $80,000 from H&M.

Next Ronnie Escalante, Luciana Scarabello and Lisa Vian Hunter present to the buyers but none of them receive offers. However, Lizzie Parker is offered $60,000 from Macy’s.

Last, Nzimiro Oputa and Kara Laricks are up. Nzimiro shows all of the different ways to wear a blazer while Kara features dresses with accessories which have both masculine and feminine undertones. Kara doesn’t get the offer because she only showed accessories instead of clothing designs but Nzimiro is offered $50,000 from H&M.

Eight designers fail to sell and are at risk of elimination. The buyers and the mentors decide who they think should stay and who they think should go. In the end, Nicholas Bowes is eliminated from the competition.

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