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Tabatha Takes Over Recap: Going To The Dogs

March 13, 2012 09:18 PM by Shayla Perry

This week on Bravo‘s Tabatha Takes Over, when the owners of a struggling doggie day care and grooming facility call on Tabatha Coffey for her help in rescuing their business, she soon finds that there’s definitely a b—h at the root of the problem, and it’s not one of the dogs! Read on for all the highlights of tonight’s show.

Barkingham Palace is a doggie day care and grooming facility located in West Hollywood, CA. The owners of the business opened it as a means to make some money while rescuing shelter dogs, but with no experience in grooming whatsoever, they quickly found themselves drowning in debt, and stuck with a staff that isn’t devoted to working there at all.

But is it the staff that’s the problem, or Tania’s passive-aggressive (read: bitchy) attitude?

After inspecting the daycare, Tabatha meets with the staff to get their read of how things are with Tania and Tee. They all agree that a lot of the things that Tee and Tania are doing are bad for the dogs (like using a water bottle for discipline), and that there needs to be some consistency in their management styles, but no one wants to speak up about the things that need to change because they’re worried about losing their jobs.

To show Tee and Tania how it’s supposed to be done, Tabatha takes them, along with their staff, to another groomer for some tips.

Despite their bosses’ doubts, the groomers actually did a fabulous job grooming the dogs, and Tabatha is impressed. So if they’re not the problem, that leaves….

Tabatha tries to communicate with Tania and Tee separately to get through to them. Tee admits that she does get frustrated with Tania at times, but it seems like she’s afraid to do anything about it. Tabatha eventually gets real with her, telling Tee that Tania is Barkingham Palace’s biggest problem.

How do they solve it?

To start, the entire staff lets out some of their frustration by taking a whack at the pee-soaked furniture everywhere and tossing it — along with all the water bottles — out.

Days later, the new and improved Barkingham Palace opens, looking — and smelling — a lot better.

Tania is doing a good job of staying out of her office and engaging with customers, but she has a hard time communicating with one of the groomers about her work, which she’s not happy about.

Tee still thinks that Tania can change, but Tabatha’s not seeing it. Everyone else, however, is doing well.

By the end of the day, Tania’s overheard giving the groomers compliments on their work, but will these changes last?

Apparently not.

Six weeks later, Tabatha returns to Barkingham only to find that Tania is doing worse, forcing her to recommend that Tee hire a manager to run the business to keep her out before the staff quits.

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