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The Biggest Loser Recap: The Dreaded Yellow Line Returns

March 13, 2012 07:13 PM by Lisa Princ

Last week on NBC‘s The Biggest Loser, the contestants swapped trainers, and this week the teams were dissolved and they went to singles. How did the remaining nine players handle the pressure of being on their own? Read on for all the highlights!

The Biggest Loser kicked off tonight as Kim and Emily bonded, knowing that with Cassandra gone, they were all alone with targets on their backs. Then, Alison Sweeney announced the challenge for the week, which would be a tug-o-war type challenge, with a white elephant prize. Basically, there were nine prizes, and each contestant would chose one with the last person choosing first. As they went along, each contestant had the option to take another prize from one of the people beneath them, or keep their prize.

All nine contestants were tied together and each had to pull in an opposite direction to reach a buzzer. The first buzzer would be the winner, and they would be removed as the others continued until each contestant finished. After some time getting nowhere, Conda and Jeremy, who were ironically placed next to one another, decided to work together and get Jeremy to the buzzer, which meant he won first place. Next, Mark and Megan were neck and neck, but Mark decided to help Megan, who landed in second place.

As the helpfulness continued, Kim started to get increasingly annoyed that everyone was helping, as she felt it was not fair – cry us a river Kim! Ironically, Emily helped Kim, and Emily wound up in last place…well, right above Buddy who sat out and automatically got last place. When it was time to choose gifts, there were useless ones such a goldfish, a hat, a dollar bill, etc. Emily got a phone for a day, but she worried it would be taken from her, meanwhile Kim got a big box of chocolates. Chris pulled a one pound advantage, but Conda took that from her, and then Megan took that from Conda, leaving her with a goldfish. Mark won a neat prize – two votes at this week’s elimination.

Jeremy had the last pick, and he won a shopping spree with a celebrity – big shock there as we already knew Jessica Simpson would be promoting her new show tonight. Jeremy decided to give Conda his gift and take her goldfish – how sweet. Conda was able to bring someone along with her, and she chose Kim…what a complete disappointment as none of us wanted to watch these two get dressed up, especially when Conda boasted about how good she looked. Conda left us wondering if she saw the same person that we did, because not only is she still morbidly obese, but she is so ugly on the inside that it carries through. Kim looked good getting dressed up though, and it was nice to see Jessica Simpson, who looked huge – are we certain she isn’t having twins?

The trainers had some fun this week also as Bob worked on getting Emily to gain her confidence back, which entailed her instructing him how to lift weights – it was quite comical to watch! Meanwhile, Dolvett had a breakthrough week with Kimmy, who opened to him about her life, and how she always worried about everyone else and not herself. Dolvett took Kimmy rock climbing, so she would get over her fear of heights. Then it was time for a last chance workout, and it was every player for themselves as the yellow line returned. Here is how the contestants fared at the weigh-in:

from 204 lbs to 198 lbs (-6)

from 228 lbs to 221 lbs (-7)

from 185 lbs to 178 (-7)

from 195 lbs to 190 lbs (-5)

from 282 lbs to 273 (-9)

from 167 lbs to 163 lbs (-4)

from 213 lbs to 204 lbs (-9)

from 182 lbs to 176 lbs (-6)

from 289 lbs to 281 (-8)

It was Emily and Kimmy that ended up in the bottom two tonight. It was no surprise that Kim chose to eliminate Kimmy, while Megan chose to eliminate Emily. Jeremy voted for Emily, while Conda voted to send Kimmy home. Chris told a touching tale about how Kimmy and she became close friends when Roy was sent home, and therefore she voted for Emily. With only Buddy and Mark left, it could have ended in a tie, but it didn’t. Mark reiterated how tough it was for him since Chism left, and then vowed that he would not do that to another family, leaving his two votes for Emily. Buddy did not even need to vote as Emily had enough votes to send her packing.

Emily vowed to come back and win the at home prize, and she looked great at home. Emily is also looking to pursue her dream of being an Opera singer, so who better to contact that Olivia from season 11? The pair met up, and Olivia even hooked Emily up with a voice coach. Best of luck to Emily, we look forward to seeing you at the finale!

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