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The Voice Contestants Chat About The Second Night of Battles

March 13, 2012 06:43 PM by Shayla Perry

They made it through the Battle Round and are on their way to the Live shows, but first, hear what the artists from Teams Adam, Christina, Blake, and Cee Lo had to say about their experiences on NBC‘s The Voice thus far.

Does competing against the other artists in the competition make you more nervous, or do you think it enhances your performance?

Juliette Simms: “Everyone in this competition is so unique and so different, and you have to just stick to who you are as an artist and as an individual, and just hold onto that to not make you nervous, and just stay true to who you are because everybody is so talented and it’s easy to get nervous, and it’s easy to be like, ‘Well that person is better than me ’cause they can do this.’ But as long as you remember who you are and stay true to who you are, I think that makes it a little bit easier to not get nervous.”

How isolated are the artists from the outside media? Do you pay any attention to what people are saying about who’s a frontrunner in the competition, etc.?

Charlotte Sometimes: “I think we’re all pretty isolated. We try not to read the negative comments or the good comments, so it’ll be a total surprise – at least for me – who’s a frontrunner. Music and voices are so subjective, as well as personalities, so I think, ultimately, I have no idea what’s going to happen [laughs].”

What advice would you give others who are facing adversity in their lives?

Jamar Rogers: “You never know what’s right around the corner, and I just don’t believe in the word ‘can’t.’ I’ve been told, ‘no’ so many times. I’ve met with labels, I’ve had the door slammed in my face so many times, and I remember going into The Voice saying, ‘I’m just going to do this. If this doesn’t work, then screw it, I just need to do something practical,’ and I’m just so happy I didn’t quit.

“I’m not trying to be a saint when I say my number one priority is not to win this show. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very competitive and I would love to win, but I’ve already won because I’ve gotten to tell people my heart and I’ve changed what my goal is. It’s not just to make the name Jamar Rogers great. Who gives a flip about Jamar Rogers? But there’s so many people that are hurting out there, whether it’s the economy, or bad relationships, or eating disorders, there are issues out there that go beyond Keeping Up With The Kardashians. There are people that need someone to really identify with, and if I get to be that guy for people, then, oh, my God, I’ve won.

“I just want to let people know, do not give up. You never know when your moment’s going to happen; you never know when your time’s going to come. And if you give up, you might miss out on the best opportunity of your life.”

Kim Yarborough: “I believe it was Patti Labelle‘s father that told her, ‘Patti, if you sing long enough and loud enough, somebody is going to pay attention.’ For those people in this industry that want to make it big, that want to fulfill their dreams…. I believe there’s two types of entertainers in this business; whatever type of entertainment you do. There are the types that need to do it, and there are the types that like to do it. I think that all of us are the types that need to do it; it’s in our blood. We wake up and go to sleep thinking about it. And if that’s the case, you just gotta keep going, because there’s something in you every day driving you to get up and do it  no matter what your mind says…But I think for those two groups, I think you need to decide which type of performer you are.

Do you think that there were any advantages given as far as song choice and the pairings of last night’s Battle?

Lindsey Pavao: “I think it’s so funny that they tried to make it an uphill climb for one person and not the other.”

Charlotte Sometimes: “At the end of the day this is a competition and we all love each other, but we all want to win and there really isn’t such a thing as an ‘underdog.’ We’re both given the same opportunities and moments to shine and sometimes somebody has a better day than somebody else. I think we all just work really, really hard and I don’t think they’re in the business of trying to make somebody look bad or give someone an unfair advantage. That would make a really uninteresting show.”

Juliette Simms: “This is all I’ve ever done ever, for like years and years and years… and I’ve seen so many people succeed and so many of my friends’ bands blow up, so many girls get huge record deals and see them blow up, and when they started calling Sarah [Golden] the underdog, I was like, ‘Are you kidding me? My career’s based on being the underdog.’ I couldn’t believe it. So I agree with what everybody else is saying.”

Kim Yarborough: “I don’t envy the coaches during this part of the show. From choosing and organizing who they want to put together on their teams to having to choose between one or the other in the Battle Rounds, and choose one to go home…I just think it’s hard all the way around, all the way down the line for the coaches and at the end of the day, I think it’s who brings it.”

Are you preparing your songs for the Live shows?

Lindsey Pavao: “Yes, I already have a couple of songs if fate permits that I get to play, and after watching the Battles I’m just motivated to do so much better. But I’m not going to change what I do. Unfortunately I did read some reviews on how things went last night (sorry guys). I think that I’ve kind of decided how I want to go into this competition and I want to keep working with the songs and trying to make them honest to myself, so that’s what I’m going to go with.”

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