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Former Bachelor Contestant Ashley Spivey’s Take On The Weirdest Moments Of The Season Finale

March 14, 2012 10:00 AM by Lisa Princ

Remember Ashley Spivey? In case you forgot, she was the spunky gal on Brad Womack’s season of The Bachelor, who was sent home after the two-on-one date with Ashley Hebert. Like most of us, Ashley had quite a few moments while watching Ben Flajnik prepare to propose to Courtney Robertson that left her thinking “what the heck?” Read on to hear some of Ashley Spivey’s funny takes on the weirdest moments of the season finale!

When The Bachelor finale aired this week, many of us watched some moments and thought to ourselves: “What the heck just happened?” The same goes for all the former contestants who tuned in to see who Ben Flajnik would choose. Ashley Spivey was no exception, and she shared her take on what she thought were some of the weirdest moments of the finale with us!

So, what bugged Ashley? Like many of us all season long, Ben’s hair! Ashley wrote in her SheKnows blog of Ben’s annoying strand of hair during the proposal: “I couldn’t even pay attention to what he was saying the first time around because I couldn’t stop staring at a clump of hair that was doing whatever it wanted while he proposed to Courtney. Why won’t Ben’s hair just let him be great? Anyone else feel like Ben’s hair was the true villain of the show?” Ha! We wonder which was more hated all season – Ben’s hair or Courtney Robertson!

How about the odd skiing that Ben and Lindzi did? If you hadn’t noticed, don’t worry because Ashley did (and we know you will all be replaying this now): “Reverse doggy style skiing just looks awkward. I covered my eyes during this part. I was so embarrassed for them.” Some other weird moments that struck Ashley Spivey were Lindzi’s green cape, and the engagement ring which bears a striking resemblance to another Bachelor couple’s. To read more of Ashley Spivey’s weird moments, check out her blog post on SheKnows.

Come on fans of The Bachelor, we want to hear your thoughts on Ben’s choice! Do you think that he and Courtney Robertson will last? Tell us what you think by commenting below!

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