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Survivor: One World Recap — Drop Your Buffs

March 14, 2012 07:37 PM by Ryan Haidet

Not only did tonight’s tribal swap shake up the game on Survivor: One World, but it also brought the demise of the One World twist.  The subtitle that this entire season was built on is already dead after just four episodes because the tribes are now living on separate beaches.  While I do think the tribal swap brought new life to this frustrating season, it is a tad irritating that the One World experiment, which was so heavily hyped in the beginning, is already washed away.  Whatever.  On top of all that, tonight’s episode brought more bizarre moments from Jonas and his intent to follow everything Colton says.  Plus, we got to see how smart Tarzan thinks he is.  Read on for more!

One World Concept Dies With New Tribes

Before the Reward challenge began, Jeff Probst told the castaways to drop their buffs because they were about to mix up the tribes.  Colton, who claims to be a superfan of the show, was so stunned by the twist it’s almost like he’s never seen a tribal swap before.  For the swap, each person had to randomly draw an egg and then smash it on their body just like Ozzy did at the start of Survivor: South Pacific.  Whatever color came out would determine the tribe they would be on.

Here are the new tribes:

Manono (formerly the men’s tribe): Alicia, Colton, Monica, Tarzan, Christina, Jonas and Leif.

Salani (formerly the women’s tribe): Michael, Sabrina, Kim, Jay, Kat, Chelsea and Troy.

Although Manono came close to winning the challenge, the new Salani claimed victory and won peanut butter sandwiches with coffee.  More importantly, they won the right to stay at the old One World camp.  That left the new Manono forced to move to a new beach and start all over.  After the challenge was finished, Colton said it was no surprise the other team won because it’s like a tribe of Greek Gods vs. peasants.

New Tribe Life

Sabrina was very happy with the way the new tribes fell together because four girls from the original five-girl alliance were members of Salani.  After working together as a tribe to catch a rooster, Jay, Troy and Kim made an alliance.  Kim thought she was golden because she could always go with the girls after the merge or stick with Troy and Jay.

Kim is definitely a thinker.  I like her.  I hope she goes far this season.  But I do think she made a bonehead move during tonight’s episode after she found the hidden Immunity Idol.  “I just found the hidden Immunity Idol and it’s in my crotch,” she told Chelsea.  Ugh!  Why, oh, why do people give that secret up?!?!  Kim tried to explain in confessional that she initially wanted to keep that information a secret, but believed Chelsea is somebody she can trust.  Oy!

Meanwhile at Manono, Colton went back to his old ways of spending his time talking and not helping build the shelter.  “How does he get away with this?” Jonas said.  “I never thought to play that game, but it’s brilliant.”  I don’t understand what Jonas is thinking.  Colton gets away with his gameplay because people like Jonas allows it.  If Colton gets to the end of this game, we can all thank Jonas for helping him get there.  It’s so strange to me the way Jonas has almost been walking in Colton’s shadow the entire game.  He even went as far to say he’ll be “Colton’s bitch” as long as he doesn’t get voted off.  Wow.

Naturally, Colton wasn’t thrilled with the way his new tribe came together.  “Not only did I get on a tribe of people that I don’t want to be on a tribe with.  I got on a tribe with people who suck. We are not going to be able to compete with them in anything.”  Oh, like you’re Mr. Wonderful, Colton.  I forgot that you’re the greatest person to be teamed up with in the game.  After talking about his ability to charm people, which has got to be true because everybody is following his orders, he started strategizing.  After promising Monica and Christina he was on their side, Colton cut his clear alliance with Alicia.  Although she was hesitant to trust him at first, Alicia finally agreed to stick with him to take out Monica and then Christina.  “I will vote your way, but I swear to God if you screw me over…”

Another Manono Loss

The Greek Gods, Salani, dominated the watery basketball Immunity challenge we’ve seen many times before and easily won Immunity.  Once they returned to camp, Alicia and Colton put their plan to oust Monica in motion.  They convinced Monica and Christina that Tarzan would be their intended target.  With Jonas already on his side — and lying to Christina for him — Colton let Leif and Tarzan in on the scheme.  Hilariously, Tarzan asked to be reminded of who Monica is.  He couldn’t remember her.  Seriously, dude.  After two weeks in the game you should try to get to know these people a little better.  It is a social game.  Moron.  His forgetful nature was actually worrying Colton a bit because he wasn’t sure if Tarzan would remember who he was actually supposed to vote for.

At Tribal Council, Colton and Alicia both talked about Monica being a strong, competitive asset for their team — especially considering how weak they are as a whole.  Then things got very obnoxious as Tarzan used his extensive vocabulary to try and impress the group.  All it did was make him look like a jackass a few moments later when he admitted he has trouble remembering people’s names.  And when Probst asked him to name his tribemates, he truly struggled — especially with Jonas (he eventually nailed it after Monica told him it starts with a “J”).  To make things worse, Leif made tried to include himself in the genius discussions that were going on and said Tarzan knows how to “explanate” things.  While I’m not a Colton fan, I think I actually like Tarzan less.  Don’t hate me, but I really have a hard time connecting with anything that guy has done in the game.  I still can’t get over the way he talked to Leif last week like he was a bad puppy or something.  Then again, Leif didn’t stand up for himself and let it happen.

Anyway, when it came time to vote, Colton whispered to Tarzan to make sure he remembered the plan.  Then, when the votes were read, Monica was eliminated from the game.  Monica and Christina were absolutely dumbfounded by the votes because they clearly felt secure.  To be honest, I think Christina is still baffled by what went down.

What do you think of tonight’s episode?  Are you happy or disappointed the One World element is already dead?  Are you a Colton fan or hater?  Are you annoyed by Tarzan or do you like his wacky ways?  Was Monica the right person to boot?  Sound off and leave a comment below!

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2 Responses to “Survivor: One World Recap — Drop Your Buffs”

  1. TA Says:
    March 15th, 2012 at 7:42 am

    I turned the channel after the split in tribes and won’t be back this season. I thought that was so unfair to everyone. I think Probst screwed this one up and needs to let the game take a natural course. His meddling is obnoxious.

  2. stewie Says:
    March 15th, 2012 at 8:26 am

    I always look forward to each episode to see what kind of drama we’ll have involving Colton.


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