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The Biggest Loser’s Emily Joy Talks About Her Experience On The Show

March 14, 2012 02:00 PM by Lisa Princ

Last night on NBC‘s The Biggest Loser, the contestants went to singles, and both Kim and Emily Joy knew there was a target on their backs after they stuck up for Cassandra Sturos last week. And they were correct – Emily Joy fell below the yellow line, and despite not being near her goal, was eliminated. Emily Joy spoke about her experience today, and how she is doing at home. Read on for the interview with Emily!

The Biggest Loser fans watched the girls’ plan backfire last week when Cassandra was eliminated, and it carried on last night. With only Emily and Kimmy up for elimination, the majority of the contestants chose to send Emily home, even though Kimmy was closer to her goal weight. Emily is doing well at home, check out her interview below.

Question: Do you feel that you were eliminated because you were seen as a threat?

Emily Joy: I definitely was seen as a threat. I was told I was a threat. That’s fine with me, I am glad to go out that way. I’m strong, and I am going to win the at home prize.

Question: How was your expectation of the show versus the reality of it?

Emily Joy: You know, growing up doing Olympic weightlifting, I expected it to be hard. That first workout was so intense, but I didn’t pass out and I didn’t puke. Yeah, it was hard, but I knew it was coming and I fully expected it.

Question: What has been the toughest part of being home?

Emily Joy: I guess the time management. That was my initial excuse, but it’s a real excuse. At home, you have to deal with your job, yet find time to get in hardcore workouts and balancing meals. It’s a real thing. I am sure lots of Americans deal with that everyday.

Question: Did you feel extra pressure because you were an Olympic weightlifter?

Emily Joy: Yes. I had to make sure that I represented weightlifters and athletes in good way, although I did not do that last night. It was definitely a lot of pressure and I did feel it, but it was welcomed. I loved the pressure, and I just went with it.

Question: How did you feel when you saw that you were one pound shy on the scale?

Emily Joy: What you didn’t see was the five minute period where I just couldn’t speak. My heart sunk, and I knew right then and there, as I learned I was one pound shy, that I was going home.

Question: Can you talk about training with both Bob Harper and Dolvett Quince?

Emily Joy: You know what they say – crazy loves crazy, and that is how it was with Bob Harper and I. We both love what we do, and I had that connection with him from the start. And when Bob did that weight lifting, it just boosted that bond even more. I was also lucky enough to be get to train with Dolvett for a week, and it was really good for me. He got me out of my comfort zone, he is a good trainer. They are both different in their methods, but both great and I respect them equally.

Question: Tell us about your Opera dream, and meeting with Olivia.

Emily Joy: I have been dreaming about it and singing since the 3rd grade. The first time I saw Phantom Of The Opera, I could not get enough of musicals. My voice is more of the Opera type, and I love Broadway. I hope to end up there someday. Olivia was amazing. I was blown away by how supportive she was. It was amazing that she was able to hook me up with that vocal coach. She just blew my socks off and we had an amazing connection.

Emily would not fill us in on how much weight she has lost to date, instead she wants to keep it a secret for the finale! Best of luck to Emily Joy, we look forward to seeing you at the finale!

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