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Jersey Shore Recap: Season Finale

March 15, 2012 10:35 PM by Shayla Perry

Tonight on MTV, it’s the season finale of Jersey Shore! How does it all end for Snooki and the gang? Keep reading for the highlights of the show.

After returning from their camping trip, the crew is shocked to find that all of their clothes, furniture, and EVERYTHING is gone. What happened?

It looks like Pauly and Vinny had a little time on their hands and put everything on the top deck of the Shore house.

The guys are pretty proud of themselves for their prank, but Mike is pissed.

Suddenly, storm clouds roll in, and everyone — except for Mike — starts to haul the furniture back into the house. But Mike’s thought is that he didn’t move the stuff out there, so he’s not moving it back in.

After enough of his b—hing, the guys help him bring his bed and shoes into the house.

Later, Snooki and Mike head out to eat and Mike tells her that he’s found out some info about Deena’s sister, who happens to be dating his brother. Apparently, she’s got a special “sexual talent” that’s only bestowed up “the chosen ones,” and he’s wondering if he should use that information for good or evil.

Out at the club, Deena’s sister shows up and Snooki tells Deena that Mike was “talkin’ s–t about her.” Deena is pissed when she hears what he said.

Meanwhile, Vinny’s managed to pick up two lesbians and bring them home, but can’t get any time in the “Smush Room.” After a little rearranging, he gets the ladies alone….

Not able to let the issue go, Deena confronts Mike about what he said about her sister. Mike tries to explain to her that it’s not a bad thing, but she’s not trying to hear it.

The next day, as Vinny is basking in the aftermath of his threesome, a storm is brewing on the Shore, but as scared as Deena is, the gang doesn’t let the rain put a damper on their plans to hit Karma just one last time.

At Karma, Deena’s sister and Mike’s brother show up, and Deena immediately takes off to see why his brother would say anything to anyone about her sister. Mike stops her, saying that she should just let them be because they appear to be really happy together.

Hoping to finally get revenge on the guys the girls spend the next evening filling water balloons as the gang cooks dinner; their last meal at the house for the summer.

After dinner, the drinks start flowin’ and the guys decide to go outside and fly kites.

While they’re out, the girls break out the water balloons and sling shot, but their plan gets ruined when Ronnie locks them out on the deck and the guys plan their own attack.

On their last day, the crew packs up all of their belongings and say their “see-ya-laters.”

Tell us, what did you think of this season of Jersey Shore? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below.

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One Response to “Jersey Shore Recap: Season Finale”

  1. mrs. bright eyes Says:
    March 16th, 2012 at 12:30 pm

    I can’t believe the Jersey Shore finale was last night! I watched it on my computer using DISH Online. I was working late at DISH so I wasn’t able to watch it last night. I didn’t miss much thought. It was everyone saying goodbye especially Snooki’s goodbyes. She was the best. Mike is a big cry baby and I don’t think Jersey Shore will be back. I still will watch Pauly’s show and also Snooki and JWoww’s.


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