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The Voice’s Juliet Simms and Charlotte Sometimes Reveal Their Past Connection

March 15, 2012 01:00 PM by Shayla Perry

What are the odds? Charlotte Sometimes (Team Blake) and Juliet Simms (Team Cee Lo) are both uniquely talented artists who’ve made it through the Blind Auditions and Battle Rounds on The Voice. And in a recent interview, the ladies revealed that they also have something else in common, aside from the NBC reality show. What is it?

“Charlotte and I actually go way back,” Juliet told reporters in a recent interview. “Charlotte and I dated the same guy. … But we also toured together in 2008.

“It was amazing when I saw her, you know, the first week or whatever when this whole process started. And I was like, ‘Oh my God, this is awesome. I have a friend here.’ It was so great,” said Simms. “It was like someone to eat dinner and lunch with and hang out with. And it was definitely like a little piece of home was there at the show with you, you know? It was cool.”

“I think it really helps the both of us because initially during our executive auditions that we had, we were scared,” added Charlotte. “Of course we we scared. So it was nice to be able to spend time together and boost each other’s confidence.”

Being on different teams during the competition makes that a little easier…for now anyway. But eventually, the two could end up competing against one another for the top prize — a record deal.

And in case you were wondering…. No, the ladies aren’t harboring any bad feelings about their love connection.

“We’re both friends with him now, but we were like, ‘Let’s just be like awesome friends and, you know, who knows?’” Sometimes recalled of the day they crossed paths with one another at The Voice.

“I feel like Juliet and I, we’re not similar artists, but we are at the same time,” said Charlotte. “I definitely could see us playing shows together and a lot of my fans are her fans and vice versa. So who knows what will happen in the future.”

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One Response to “The Voice’s Juliet Simms and Charlotte Sometimes Reveal Their Past Connection”

  1. Jake Johnson Says:
    September 10th, 2012 at 6:43 pm

    Juliet has some talent….but really just cares about herself. She also lacks “voice-longevity”. She has already experienced her “15 minutes of fame”. Sorry Juliet….just say’n.


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