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Shannon Magrane Dishes On Her American Idol Experience

March 16, 2012 01:07 PM by Lisa Princ

Last night on FOX‘s American Idol, the top 11 finalists were reduced to 10. Unfortunately, 16-year-old Shannon Magrane did not impress America with her Mariah Carey tune this week. Today, Shannon Magrane shared her thoughts on her Idol experience and what’s in her future. Read on for the interview…

American Idol‘s Shannon Magrane faced elimination last night when she failed to impress America with her take on One Sweet Day. Despite singing for her life, the judges decided not to save her as we can only assume they did not want a repeat of last season. What did the young gal think about her experience on American Idol? Check out Shannon’s interview below.

Question: What did the judges say to you after your elimination last night?

Shannon Magrane: Unfortunately, I did not get to speak with them last night. They gave me the best and most honest feedback and they know exactly how I was feeling standing on that stage. I never got to talk to them which was really sad, but they know that I can sing and I know that I can sing, so I feel like I left on a good note.

Question: Do you think tackling powerhouses Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey hurt you?

Shannon Magrane: I don’t know…I don’t think so. Whitney and Mariah are intimidating to sing because they make such great music. It is hard to sing their songs and do really well, but I think that I did it in my own way and interpreted it in my own way. I am glad to be where I am right now and I’m really proud of myself.

Question: How does it feel to be eliminated just shy of the top 10?

Shannon Magrane: It’s definitely upsetting. I really wanted to go on tour and this is what I wanted to do since I was a little girl and I was so close to it. I got to stand up and sing on that stage in front of millions of people. I really hope that I inspired people and showed everybody who I am.

Question: How do you go back to the normal life of a 16-year-old after being on American Idol?

Shannon Magrane: You don’t really. It’s hard because you’ve been living this lifestyle for a couple months now and you’re surrounded in it. But I still go to school, so it’s nice to stay grounded with other minors and friends. It’s hard to adjust to a new environment. I don’t think I’m going to be normal anymore because there’s a lot of people out there who know who I am now and they want to hear more of me.

Question: What do you think your father will say to Steven Tyler now, since he does not have to be nice anymore?

Shannon Magrane: My dad is definitely the most welcoming gentle giant. It’s funny, he took that as a joke, or a “Steven Tyler moment.” He was not mad about it at all because he thought it made great television and lots of our friends thought it was hilarious. Looking back, I thought it was really funny that the legendary Steven Tyler said that about me and it made me laugh.

Question: If you could go back, would you do anything differently?

Shannon Magrane: I don’t think so. I worked really hard, I got where I wanted to be. I really wish I could have gone on tour with my friends, we miss each other. I have been texting them all and they have all been texting me back. It’s definitely been a lifelong experience that I will never forget.

Question: Were you and the other girls worried since the guys have been winning – did you all talk about that?

Shannon Magrane: You know, there have been a lot of guys winning in the past couple of years, but all the girls are fighting for that spot too. For us, there’s Phillip and Heejun who the teenage girls might say “Oh my god, he’s so funny” or “Oh my god, he’s so cute,” but we’re thinking the girls have to vote for the girls, we have to have that girl power and all stick together.

Question: Last season, we watched the judges use the save very early on Casey, and then could not use it later on for Pia. Do you think that the judges should have used the save last night?

Shannon Magrane: I don’t think that they should have used it this early in the competition because someone can be so good and get kicked off and they won’t use it. If they used it on me, I don’t think America would have a lot to look forward to with the save. I mean, I do feel really great about how I sing and I feel confident about myself and I look forward to surprising everyone in the future.

Question: What was the reaction among the finalists when the news about Jermaine Jones came out?

Shannon Magrane: We were surprised and shocked, and we found out just when America found out. We were all sitting in a dressing room thinking, oh my gosh, is this really happening, and all of our jaws dropped to the floor. We were shocked. I know how it feels to go home, and it’s not the best feeling, but this is just the beginning for us both.

Question: Do you feel any differently now that more details have emerged?

Shannon Magrane: It’s honestly the same. I know exactly what he’s going through. It’s really painful and I feel bad for him. None of the contestants have really texted him yet because we just wanted to give him room to breathe and room to think about everything. We thought that was the best choice, and we really missed him.

Question: Who do you think is going to win the competition?

Shannon Magrane: I can’t even pick one person because they’re all so good. They’re all talented and special. Truly, they’re all winners in my eyes. I wish they could all win.

Best of luck to Shannon Magrane! Did America get it right last night? Comment and share your thoughts with us below!

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