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The Amazing Race Recap: A Comeback In Germany

March 18, 2012 07:42 PM by Lisa Princ

Last week on CBSAmazing Race, the contestants headed to Italy, where bonds were formed and other teams began to crumble. Tonight, for the 5th leg of the race, the teams head to Germany, where the weather gets cold, and teams get flustered. Does Rachel Reilly have another breakdown? Read on for all the highlights!

The Amazing Race kicked off tonight as the teams headed to Germany! First, they would have to take a train into Austria and then, drive into Bavaria, Germany. Art and J.J. got a head start and boarded an earlier train because they came in first place last week, while the other teams followed on the next two trains. Mark and Bopper were determined to make a comeback this week, despite knowing that they would be getting stuck with a speed bump this week. Once in Germany, Danny and Joey, along with Dave and Rachel were able to catch Art and J.J. as the restaurant they were waiting to get their clue from, did not open until 8:30.

Once in the restaurant, the teams each had to take a Travelocity gnome, which would give them their next clue. The next clue contained a detour, in which the teams could either style the beard of a German man, or collect gingerbread pieces in the forest to put on a gingerbread house. All three teams chose to go with the beard braiding, and as soon as they left, Bopper and Mark were making their way into the restaurant, where they found their speed bump.

For their speed bump, Mark and Bopper would need to take a quick yodeling lesson, and then perform on stage with the professional yodelers. Mark and Bopper were determined not to let this get the best of them – they had a blast up there yodeling, and they left us all laughing the entire time. After the professionals thought their yodeling was up to par, Mark and Bopper got their detour clue as well, but not before all the teams checked in and got theirs. Once again in last place, those of us at home could not help but to cheer Bopper and Mark on, but would they be able to comeback this week?

Mark and Bopper, along with Rachel and Brendon, and Kerri and Stacy all chose the gingerbread trail, and luckily, Mark and Bopper made it there first. Kerri and Stacy, however, finished first, but Mark and Bopper once again had us laughing as Bopper was mimicking the witch who was there judging their gingerbread houses! They finished up, and shortly after they did, Rachel and Brendon followed. Meanwhile, all the other teams took on the beard styling, which entailing curling, and spraying into these crazy designs. Danny and Joey made a big mistake by choosing the man with the longest beard, they could not seem to get the style correct, and they watched as team after team passed them.

The next clue took the contestants to the Neuschwanstein castle, the castle that Sleeping Beauty was based on, where they needed to find King Ludwig’s bedroom for their next clue. Art and J.J. beat everyone there and were in and out with their clue, which took them to an ice rink for their roadblock. Meanwhile, Danny and Joey trailed right behind them, followed by Vanessa and Ralph, who did nothing but fight because Ralph made her walk up to the castle, instead of hopping on a horse and buggy – oh the life of a spoiled diva! Rachel and Brendon managed to make it there without much of a breakdown this week – Brendon put a stop to her crying before she started.

Once at the castle site, there were actually multiple castles, and Rachel and Dave, along with Jamie and Nary, ended up in the wrong one and had to turn around. Team by team they were all making their way to the ice rink, where one player had to slide the Travelocity gnome across the ice, into a bulls-eye on the ice. Once they did that, they would get the clue to take them to Phil Keoghan. Art and J.J. placed 1st again this week, followed by Danny and Joey, despite the beard incident, as they caught up rather quickly.

Vanessa and Ralph finished in third, followed by Rachel and Dave, and Rachel and Brendon. The last three teams battled it out on the ice, and Nary and Jamie were having a difficult time getting the gnome to go into the bulls-eye, and both other teams finished ahead of them – they did close to 200 slides of the gnome before getting it in! In an awesome comeback, Bopper and Mark finished in 6th place this week, and they really showed us how tough (and funny) they are.

Jamie and Nary left the ice rink after everyone, so we all assumed they would be heading home this week, but a twist of fate worked in their favorite. Kerri and Stacy wound up getting lost and they ended up in last place this week. So, we said goodbye to Stacy and Kerri tonight.

Who are you rooting for on The Amazing Race? Is anyone else sick of Rachel Reilly’s whining? Comment and share your thoughts with us below!

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2 Responses to “The Amazing Race Recap: A Comeback In Germany”

  1. Ben Dover Says:
    March 19th, 2012 at 3:40 am

    you missed the absolute funniest line ever! When brendon and rachel got to the detour, rachel picked the gingerbread task because “i don’t even know what a beard is”!!!!

  2. Lisa Princ Says:
    March 19th, 2012 at 6:05 am

    Ha Ha! You are so right! I think I was trying to tune Rachel out ;)


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