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The Real Housewives Of Orange County Recap: Surgery And Recovery

March 20, 2012 07:20 PM by Megan Thompson

The Real Housewives Of Orange County is all new tonight on Bravo. Tamra Barney is meeting with a surgeon about removing her implants. Can you believe Tamra is ready to go au natural? Alexis is multi-tasking by fixing her sinuses and the bump on her nose. Then there is Vicki who is nervously awaiting results from her daughter’s surgery. Keep reading for all the details from tonight’s RHOC episode.

It’s a first in RHOC history, a woman wants her boobs smaller! Even the plastic surgeon looks surprised when Tamra tells him she wants her implants completely removed. Tamra is excited that she doesn’t have a man telling her what to do or what size her boobs should be.  ”I don’t need these big breasts to define who I am,” Tamra tells the cameras.  Let’s not be crazy, she still wants her boobs to be perky – so a lift is still a must.  Then Tamra makes a comment that she is ready to use her mind for power, not her boobs. Huh?  Whatever, Tamra is all about girl power and independence now!

Next we have Alexis undergoing her sinus/nose job surgery, the cameras are rolling and showing way too much of this surgery.  The doctor pulls out some long piece of bloody snot and says, “that is the worst I have seen in a long time.”  Then the doctor breaks Alexis’s nose and you can hear the cracking! It’s definitely not something you want to rewind and watch again! Finally in the recovery room, Alexis wakes up and she is miserable.  Jim shows up and they plop her in a wheelchair and wheel her home.

Poor Vicki is crying and very upset talking to her son about Brianna’s surgery. The doctors informed Vicki that Brianna’s thyroid did not look good and it could possibly be cancer. 

Heather is at home tending to her husband and her four children.  Heather is “plating” the food, which means she is serving take-out.  The housewife, that can’t cook, wants to open her own restaurant.  It’s just a pet project for Heather and she wants something to “keep her from going totally bonkers.” 

Slade and Gretchen are off to meet up with Robin Antin, who started the pussycat dolls. ”I know I was meant to be on stage and performing,” Gretchen tells the cameras.  Gretchen watches the rehearsals and is afraid that she might have taken on too much by signing up for this gig. 

Heather has invited Tamra and Vicki to go to LA with her to check out some restaurants.  In true Heather style, the girls take a helicopter to LA. 

Vicki is super jealous and wants her own helicopter!  When the ladies arrive in LA they meet up with some of Heather’s very rich friends.  ”My kids think everyone has a helicopter,” one of the ladies tells Tamra.  Tamra can’t help but roll her eyes at this comment.  The women are seeking advice from the owner of Porta Via, a successful restaurant in LA.  After the girls ask the important questions, they eat lunch.  Vicki doesn’t think these girls know what they are in for in opening a restaurant.  I have to agree with Vicki on this one.  “It sounds scary to me, doesn’t it sound scary you?” Vicki keeps asking the girls. 

After lunch Vicki and Tamra take a limo back to the OC.   The girls chat about the whole fight with Gretchen at the Bunko party. Vicki is over all the drama, she just wants to focus on Brianna right now.  

Alexis is back at the doctor’s office for her follow-up appointment.  Right now it looks like Alexis got beat up in a fight, but the doctor promises she will look better in a week. “I’m going to look so much better, praise the Lord,” Alexis yells as she is leaving the office.  

What did you think of tonight’s episode?  

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  1. sonja Says:
    March 25th, 2012 at 3:34 pm

    Praying for Vickis daughter..hope all goes well with her daughter. As for Vick.. get her “OFF” the show. She is sick. can not stand the Hypocrite.


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