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Interior Therapy Recap: His, Mine, & Ours

March 21, 2012 07:45 PM by Shayla Perry

Ready for some Interior Therapy? Tonight on Bravo, see how Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos deal with a couple drowning in a sea of the husband’s possessions that he’s collected over 40 years. Will he be able to let go before his wife loses her mind? Read on for all the highlights of tonight’s show.

Tonight on Interior Therapy….

The Lorsch’s house is filled with STUFF. Nice stuff, mind you, but way too much of it. Bob Lorsch, an entrepreneur and philanthropist, says that he has an emotional connection to the millions of dollars worth of artwork and memorabilia that’s taking over his home, but his wife, Kira, is ready to get rid of it — at least most of it — to make the home feel more inviting, and less like a museum.

Jeff’s immediate solution is for Bob to give most of his belongings to charity. Will he be able to let go of anything?

They’re supposed to be there to help the couple, but Jeff and Jenni can’t get enough of the “Lorsch lifestyle”: the chef, the pillows…. And they’re also big fans of Bob, who they feel has been quite generous to his wife.

Jeff’s plan is to turn the “junk room” into an art gallery where Bob can display all of his work, and occasionally hold charity auctions to get rid of some of it. Plan B, however, is to make the room his own bedroom because Jeff really wants to move in.

With a gentle nudge, Bob agrees to part with some of his possessions. But how will he choose?

The next day, Bob realizes that the artwork and books are his past, but his wife is his future, and that’s what he’s more concerned about. Plus, by auctioning off the possessions, he’ll be able to raise more money for charity, and do more for others.

So with the room finally clear, Jeff’s team is able to get to work on the gallery.

Giving Jenni more responsibility on this project, Jeff decides to enjoy his last two days in Lorsch-land, soaking his feet in the Jacuzzi and sipping on a nice cold drink.

What a perfect time for Zoila to arrive.

The Lorsch house is spotless, so there isn’t anything for Zoila to do except keep Jeff company while Jenni’s working, and she’s ready to move in, too!

After another stellar breakfast, Jeff and Jenni send Bob and Kira to a hotel for the night while they finish the renovations, but now that Jeff’s getting involved, he’s not too happy with how Jenni’s been managing things.

With a few hours until the reveal, Jeff and Jenni scramble to choose artwork from the house to put in the gallery.

Immediately impressed with the lack of clutter in the entryway, Bob and Kira arrive and are moved to tears when they see the gallery.

“This room is a great place to entertain and raise money for charity,” says Bob.

Job well done. Even better, Jeff gets an invite to come back and stay anytime he wants.

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