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Million Dollar Listing New York Recap: Just Take The Hard Hat Already

March 21, 2012 08:41 PM by Lisa Princ

Last week on Bravo‘s Million Dollar Listing New York, we watched Fredrik get fired from a listing, while Ryan closed a deal. And last, but not least, Michael Lorber left us hanging – was he able to make the deal? Read on for all the highlights!

Million Dollar Listing New York kicked off tonight with the continuation of Michael’s attempt at selling all five apartments on Park Avenue that boasted panoramic views of the city. Unfortunately, Michael was, once again, too late as two of the apartments had been sold while he was negotiating. Disappointed, Michael Lorber went to meet with his father (and boss) to share the news and get some advice. Michael’s father went easy on him, and tried to get Michael to understand that not all sales are easy ones. Luckily for Michael, someone else wanted a private showing of one of the apartments.

Meanwhile, Ryan Serhant was stressing out as his boss showed up and set up a meeting with a client looking to sell a posh apartment in Gramercy Park. The apartment boasted of exquisite woodwork throughout the home, restored crown moldings, and of course, a key to Gramercy park, which all homeowners in this elaborate neighborhood received. With an asking price of $6 million dollars, Ryan and his team decided that instead of a broker’s open, they would do an “invite only” broker’s open on the place. While getting the invites ready, we learned that Ryan used to be a hand model, and he was not about to get a paper cut, instead he weaseled his way of doing any invites – good grief, can you say drama queen?

Fredrik Eklund had an interesting listing this week as he met with a builder, who had nothing but a gutted building and some plans. The apartment building, located in Tribeca, would only be given to Fredrik to sell, if he was able to sell it now, and not after it was finished – talk about frustrating! Fredrik didn’t fret though, instead he got a team together, and they put together some plans to show potential clients, so that they would able to visualize what the place would look like. Interesting tidbit learned about Fredrik this week – he gets more emailing done while he works out in the gym at 5 am – no, we are not kidding!

Michael met for his private showing, and the buyer’s broker seemed to like the apartment – although she told the camera that she had never met a broker in New York quite like Michael before. Michael definitely went over the top with his detailed descriptions, but could he manage to make a sale? The agent came back and made Michael an offer of $5.2 million, but his client was not having that and demanded at least $5.575 million, all cash. Michael used some skill and told the other agent that he could take no less than $5.7, which would assure that he would get at least what his client wanted, and of course would make him look good. Luckily for Michael, the broker bit and offered him $5.6 million for the apartment.

We also saw another showdown on Million Dollar Listing New York between Ryan and Fredrik – these two really do not like each other. Ryan happened to show up at the construction site that Fredrik was showing, and it was a hassle to get Ryan to put on the required hard hat. He made up excuse after excuse, as if he was trying to just have all the attention on him. Meanwhile, Fredrik vented to the cameras about Ryan’s behavior, and then laughed that the hard hat covered his gray hair – meow! After finally putting the hard hat on, Ryan started to tell the potential buyers about how the apartment is mislabeled, and should be listed as Chinatown and not Tribeca. When Fredrik learned this, he was livid, an reiterated exactly where the place was located, even pointing out the school district.

Ryan then left for his “invite only” broker’s open, complete with martinis and caviar. The showing was a huge success and had a great turnout, with one particular person interested more than the rest. The next day, while getting acupuncture done, Ryan got a call from a broker about the apartment. When Ryan met up with the broker, he said his client was willing to pay $5.5 all cash, but Ryan’s client asked for $6 million. Ryan and the buyer’s broker eventually agreed on $5.75 all cash, and it was another deal done!

That’s all for this week. Tune in next week for a brand new episode of Million Dollar Listing New York!

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One Response to “Million Dollar Listing New York Recap: Just Take The Hard Hat Already”

  1. Stephen Says:
    January 23rd, 2013 at 9:31 am

    Ryan was definitely trying to sabotage the listing or he actually doesn’t know downtown. Tribeca stands for Triangle Below Canal Street.

    So, with Fredrik’s listing being on Washington and Canal which is a stone throw from the Hudson River, the listing is on the border of Tribeca and…HUDSON SQUARE!

    If Ryan had said Hudson Square, he could debate where the listing was, but Chinatown is far east of Tribeca. Way down Canal Street by about a dozen blocks or so.


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