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Tabatha Takes Over Recap: The Sweetgrass Is Always Greener…

March 21, 2012 08:06 AM by Shayla Perry

This week on Bravo, Tabatha Coffey is off to Atlanta, GA to help a holistic wellness center get back on track. Will she be able to do it, or will Sweetgrass Salon & Spa be another failure? Get all the highlights from Tuesday’s episode of Tabatha Takes Over after the jump.

On an all new episode of Tabatha Takes Over….

Upon arriving at Sweetgrass, right away, Tabatha is blown away by Tim’s outfit, which she says looks more like he’s going to work on a farm, and not in a salon.

But after hearing everything that’s going on at the salon, it sounds like Tim’s dressed just right for what he’s doing. Tim has been taking care of the handiwork, while his manager, Brian, is left in charge of everything else. And Brian’s not exactly the most popular person at the salon. He does, however, have a lot of friends on Facebook, and spends most of his time texting and ordering clothes online.

Already, several people have quit their jobs, naming Brian as the main reason.

Add a dog that walks on the reception counter and does “his duty” all over the floors of the salon, and Sweetgrass doesn’t seem very holistic at all.

During her inspection, Tabatha rips everything from the child-like decor to the smelly robes and massage oil that appears to be splattered all over the walls.

The Tim-Brian combo is not a good one, but the staff agrees that Tim is probably the bigger problem at Sweetgrass.

Does anyone want to work there?!

Definitely not the massage therapist, Jaklin.

The rest of the staff isn’t too broken up about Jaklin quitting, as they only want positive energy at the spa. But will Tim realize that Brian is a large part of the negative energy and fire him, even if he doesn’t believe in firing people?

To help them with their holistic approach, Tabatha takes the Sweetgrass staff to the Georgia Aquarium to get wet ‘n wild with some whales, and even there, Brian spent most of his time gossiping about Tim.

Renovations are off to a slow start when Tim doesn’t want to part ways with the desk he made out of items he found on the street, but after compromising and carrying the desk out, rather than taking a sledge hammer to it, Tabatha’s team moves in and completely transforms the space.

Sweetgrass has grown up!

Can Brian follow suit?

Unable to keep up with scheduling and letting people know when their clients have arrived, Brian’s getting more and more frustrated and isn’t taking Tabatha’s criticism too well.

Tabatha suggests that Tim break his rule about not firing people, and start with Brian, but ultimately, he decides to put Brian on probation.

Six weeks later, things are going great at Sweetgrass, with Tim taking on more responsibilities, the staff finally cross-promoting one another’s services, and Brian….fired!

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