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The Voice Contestants Chat About Their Battle Round Victories

March 21, 2012 02:45 PM by Shayla Perry

They’ve conquered the Battle Rounds and are on their way to the Live shows. Hear what the members of Teams Blake, Adam, Cee Lo, and Christina had to say about the experience on NBC‘s The Voice after the jump.

On how the Blind Auditions impacted their mindset going into the Battles….

Katrina Parker (Team Adam): “I was thinking a good bit about that when I was first paired with Angel [Taylor]. She had three chairs and they fell hard for her, and she was really exceptional. So, obviously I knew I was at a certain disadvantage because I only had one chair.

“I think when you have to fight for someone you naturally, maybe without even realizing it, are kind of looking at them a little differently. So for me, it was on my mind. I was aware of it. It was the truth. But I had to get past that and really focus on my experience going forward.

“I really think the worst thing you can do is focus on anyone else in this competition. You have to look at yourself. You have to look at what you’re doing. You have to compete with yourself. Otherwise I feel like it’s just not going to go well at all.”


On the upside of The Battle Rounds….

Erin Willett (Team Blake): “You are standing right next to your competition and you’re singing the exact same song. For me I had a great [relationship] with Gwen [Sebastian]. We became very close especially with the tragic situation that was going on with me right at that time.

“You know, she was there with me in my hotel room. She was always one call away. She would check on me right before I went to bed. So for me — me and Gwen, like I have a sister, you know.

“And it’s really hard, but at the end of the day I feel like when you have such mutual respect for each other, you’re just happy for the other person. And I know that Gwen was genuinely happy for me. And if I had gone home, I would have been feeling the exact same about her. But yeah, it’s hard. It’s a hard round. And it was a lot more difficult for me than I thought it was going to be — I guess for me emotionally because you don’t want to send someone home that you’re really close with. But then you kind of are able to talk about it with your partner. And you realize that it’s not in your hands and so you can’t do anything about it. And all you can do is give your [best] performance.”

Pip (Team Adam): “Me and Nathan [Parrett] actually became really good friends at the very beginning of this competition, and I actually ended up moving to LA at the very beginning and he became one of my roommates. So when we found out we were paired up in battle, it was kind of this shock and we thought it was going to be this awful thing.

“But in the end, it kind of made us be able to commit to the performance even more, and because we were such good friends, we could work the song a lot more because we didn’t have to make time to work out what we were going to do in the song.

“And it kind of just organically came in like normal settings, we would just be like, ‘Oh, you know, we should do this here,’ just over dinner or something. So I think it helped us make the performance as good as it was. It was actually a blessing in disguise.”


On “playing it safe”….

Katrina Parker (Team Adam): “At the time it didn’t feel like I was playing it very safe. I definitely feel like I let go a lot more than I have previously. I’m used to being behind a keyboard than a microphone, so for me to hold the microphone, much less walk around the stage without falling over, falling off the stage — for me that was kind of miraculous.

“But definitely, in watching my performance I see that there’s still so much more room to grow. And there’s a lot more things I probably could have done vocally. But in that moment you just do the best you can and you let go as much as you can in the moment. So, considering all the factors, I feel pretty good about it.”

Erin Willett (Team Blake): “I actually kind of did agree with them, and when Blake said that I remember standing on the stage and being like, ‘Oh no, I didn’t [let] everything out there.’

“But the great thing is he did see that I possibly have these other things that I can bring to the Live shows that I might not have shown yet.

“Yeah, it’s a nerve wracking experience and you feel like all of your eggs are in one basket. And everything is being judged by its own performance. I think for me just in my emotional state it kind of… I just didn’t want to break down and [I was] just trying to hold it together as long as possible. I mean, it’s hard, but I think the great thing is I can only be thankful that I did what I did and that was enough to get me through to the Live shows.”

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One Response to “The Voice Contestants Chat About Their Battle Round Victories”

  1. maryanne Says:
    March 26th, 2012 at 12:31 pm

    I’m finally, finally starting to like TeamBlake after last week’s battles – I was Team CeeLo, but his decision to move Erin ahead just made no sense. It’s a real shame that ShieldsBrother’s didn’t make it to the next round since I thought they totally killed it during the battle. On the bright side for them, there are several great online vocal contests they could enter and do it with original music. I follow one online now called MakeAStar (makeastar.com) that actually first saw on Fuse last year and loved. It’s based through their website where singers upload a video and people vote monthly on the winner in different cateogories. What I love about it is you can actually comment on the videos as well as vote and the winner gets a cash prize – the people aspect is something missing from the voice.


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