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Kitchen Nightmares Recap: Chef Gordon Ramsay Returns with All New Episode!

March 23, 2012 07:27 PM by Shayla Perry

Finally, he’s back! Tonight on FOX, Chef Gordon Ramsay heads to Philadelphia, PA to help the owners of Chiarella’s Italian restaurant save their business…and their marriage. But when things turn out to be worse off than Chef Ramsay thought, he decides that it may be better for them to just close the restaurant’s doors for good. What did you miss? Keep reading for the highlights of this week’s ALL NEW episode of Kitchen Nightmares.

Tonight on Kitchen Nightmares, Tommy and Dina took over Dina’s parents’ restaurant Chiarella’s, moving the business to Philadelphia, after a successful run in New Jersey.

When they first started, Dina says that Tommy was a lot happier, but as the business began to fall apart, so did he.

Instead of dealing with customer complaints, Tommy heads to the basement of the restaurant to workout and practice his golf swing. Despite his behavior, Tommy does care about the success of the business, and it’s all starting to weigh heavily on him.

So, Chef Ramsay to the rescue!

Upon arriving at Chiarella’s, Chef Ramsay meets with Tommy and Dina to assess the problem. According to them, the customers are the problem, but Dina admits that she doesn’t agree with how Tommy runs the kitchen. As they describe the restaurant’s issues more and more, it sounds like they’re talking about their marriage, not the business.

After their heart-to-heart, Chef Ramsay samples the Chiarella’s menu…and it’s a big one, loaded with veal and chicken dishes.

While he’s waiting for his meal, the chef asks to use the restroom, and comes across Tommy’s basement office/gym, which is disturbing, to say the least.

Finally, his food arrives, and what’s on the plate is as disturbing as Tommy’s office, but Dina is in denial.

In talking to the head chef, Ramsay says that it’s not entirely his fault that he’s dealing with an outdated menu and recipes. Tommy gets defensive after hearing Chef Ramsay criticizing the food, taking all the blame, but still refusing to accept that the dishes aren’t good.

To find out what the locals think, Chef Ramsay observes a dinner service and it doesn’t take long to see that they agree — the food at Chiarella’s needs help.

Tommy, unable to deal, walks downstairs, leaving Dina to expedite.

Frustrated that no one even seemed to care that the food was coming back at such an alarming rate, and that Tommy couldn’t handle the pressure, Chef Ramsay suggests that instead of improving the restaurant, they just save their money and close the doors for good.

Later, he heads to the couple’s home to chat with Dina and her daughter to try to get through to her. Dina still doesn’t want to admit that the food is bad, so Chef Ramsay tells her that if she can’t do that, he can’t help her. Admitting that she’s scared, Dina finally says that she will do what it takes to help the business, but first, they have to help Tommy get his “spark” back.

To start the process, Chef Ramsay starts the next day off by getting Tommy in the kitchen and teaching him a few new recipes to build his confidence. Then, Chiarella’s gets a spiffy new makeover, which makes Tommy even happier.

Even better, they also get a SHORTER, updated menu and a new chef, hand-selected by Gordon Ramsay to help the restaurant get off to a good start.

At the re-launch, everything is going well, until they notice that there’s a table of customers who haven’t gotten their food in quite a long time. As it turns out, Tommy accidentally messed up the table number when placing their order, but instead of having a meltdown, Chef Ramsay talks Tommy through it, and they finish the night successfully.

Weeks later, Tommy’s still walking tall, and Chiarella’s continues to soar.

What did you think of tonight’s episode?  Let us know, leave a comment below.

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