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The Amazing Race Recap: Bad Decisions In Baku

March 25, 2012 07:12 PM by Lisa Princ

Last week on CBSAmazing Race, the teams left Italy, and headed to Germany, where Kerri and Stacy’s bad sense of direction ended their chance at a million dollars. Tonight, the teams headed to Baku, Azerbaijan, where one team made a critical mistake, but would it cost them the race? Read on for all the highlights!

The Amazing Race kicked off tonight as the teams headed to Baku, Azerbaijan, also known as the land of fire! They were flying out there, and for the life of me, I have no idea why they bother to let anyone leave early, since they all always end up leaving the country at the same time. Art and J.J. got a head start, followed by Joey and Danny, but all the teams had to board the exact same flight. Once there, they had to travel to a temple for their first clue, but they were not allowed in until sunrise, so instead, the teams spent some time dancing around the fire with the locals.

The first clue this week consisted of either a roadblock or a fast forward. Art and J.J. were not allowed to tackle the fast forward since they had already done (and won) one previously. Both Rachel and Dave, as well as Joey and Danny decided to give the fast forward a shot. The fast forward consisted of tossing hay bales off a truck, and then stacking them in a 3x5x10 pattern. Joey and Danny were off to a great start, and we thought for sure they would pull this one off, but Rachel and Dave actually pulled together and wound up winning the fast forward – needless to say, they were the first team to check in tonight. Would the risk prove to be a bad decision for Joey and Danny?

This meant that Joey and Danny now had to backtrack and complete the roadblock which consisted of players having to escape a simulated helicopter crash – underwater! Not a good roadblock for anyone who has a fear of drowning! Most of the teams had no problems with this challenge – Art and J.J., Bopper and Mark, and Jamie and Nary were the first one to finish this, followed by Brendon and Rachel. Vanessa and Ralph were another story – they went right after Brendon and Rachel, but Vanessa started to panic about the challenge, and could not get out of the helicopter. When she finally did manage to escape, the others teams had a good lead on them.

As teams the teams quickly grabbed their next clue from a carpet shop, Ralph and Vanessa were the only team dumb enough to walk into the shop and completely miss the clues right in front of them. They must have wasted a good 30 minutes looking around for clues before it finally hit them! Those clues held their detour on The Amazing Race. For this detour, teams had to choose between digging through thousands of apples in a car, looking for one specific apple, or removing crude oil (a spa treatment in Baku) off of a local man.

While the latter of the two definitely sounds to be the grosser of the two, believe it or not, it appeared to be the easier challenge! Art and J.J., Bopper and Mark and Rachel and Brendon all opted to scrape the oil off a man, which was definitely comical to watch, but I don’t think I would want try that. Art and J.J. finished first, despite having a very tall man to scrape. Bopper and Mark finished up second, and I have to be honest, no matter how much stress or pressure, these two always manage to have fun in any situation. Meanwhile, Rachel insisted that her “man” was enjoying her scraping the oil off him – yuck. Rachel and Brendon finished up and got out right after Bopper and Mark.

Meanwhile, Joey and Danny were just finishing up the roadblock as Jamie and Nary, who had been at it for some time, found their marked apple. Vanessa and Ralph showed up after Jamie and Nary to dig through apples, and they were still there when Joey and Danny arrived. Finally, Vanessa and Ralph were able to find the marked apple after what seemed like an eternity, and on the flip side, it took Danny and Joey absolutely no time to find their apple. Though they were slightly behind Vanessa and Ralph, Danny and Joey were still in it as Vanessa and Ralph’s taxi driver took off to get directions!

Art and J.J. placed second this week, and the comeback kids, aka Bopper and Mark placed third! Rachel and Brendon, who were not very annoying at all tonight, placed fourth, followed by Nary and Jamie in fifth. It was then between Ralph and Vanessa and Danny and Joey, but Ralph and Vanessa, despite their taxi driver mishap, managed to race to the finish and earn sixth place. That meant that Danny and Joey were the last team, and were sent packing this week!

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