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The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Recap: Pomp And Circumstance

March 25, 2012 07:29 PM by Megan Thompson

 It’s an all new episode of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta tonight on Bravo. Phaedra is hosting another party for her son Ayden; it’s his blessing/dedication ceremony.  Plus, Kim ventures into uncharted territory when she uses her oven for the very first time! Keep reading for all the details from tonight’s RHOA.

Phaedra is having a rehearsal for her baby’s dedication/blessing ceremony.  Of course, Phaedra is making this event “big and fabulous!” There are bell ringers, flower girls and a baby carrier. ”I love pomp and circumstance,” Phaedra tells the cameras. Phaedra has organized a photo shoot for her family, so the pictures can be displayed at the party.

Sheree and her daughter’s boyfriend, Damon, are going engagement ring shopping.  “I know what she likes and what she deserves,” Sheree tells the sales lady. As the woman pulls out fabulous rings ranging from $40-70,000, Damon looks like his is going to pass out.  The rings are obviously out of Damon’s budget! Let’s be honest, they are out of Sheree’s budget too! Damon finally chooses a modest ring, priced at $6,500. 

Now that Damon has the ring, Sheree drags him to find a place to propose.  “I want Tierra to experience more joy than I did,” Sheree tells the cameras.  Can you say monster-in-law?  Damon is very nervous about proposing and slips up by saying he might not want to do this.  Sheree assures him that if he isn’t ready to get married, then he shouldn’t do it! 

Days later, Damon stops by Sheree’s house to discuss the whole engagement thing.  Damon is very nervous about getting married, because he doesn’t believe in divorce.  Then Damon drops the bomb, he won’t be proposing to Tierra. ”Right now, it’s not time yet,” Damon tells Sheree.  Sheree tells Damon that she can see he is scared “shitless.”  Maybe the fact Sheree would be his mother-in-law scared him?

Kim is at home where she (a private chef) is cooking dinner for Kroy.  Kroy has been gone for over a month at football camp and he is finally coming home!  The chef can’t believe how clean Kim’s oven is, because she has never used it!  Then Kim tells a story that she used her microwave to “deep condition” her wigs, but it just caught on fire. Let’s just say, Kim is no Martha Stewart. ”Making lasagna is hard, I’m tired,” Kim says as she watches the chef cook! 

The girls scream when Kroy pulls into the driveway.  “Welcome home daddy,” everyone yells.  “I was going to be naked in an apron, but I thought that would be inappropriate in front of the girls,” Kim tells Kroy.  You think?  Kim walks around and shows him all the pictures she (someone else) hung on the wall.  All the pictures are of Kim and Kroy half-naked, in “artistic” poses.  Right before dinner, Kim drops the bomb that she fired Sweetie.  “She will always be my friend, but you can’t always have your friend work for you,” Kim tells the girls. 

It’s an hour before Ayden’s dedication ceremony and it’s complete chaos.  But Dwight is back to keep everything under control.  “If Dwight is in charge everything, it’s going to be as smooth as my baby’s bottom,” Phaedra tells the cameras.  The procession begins and it’s like a scene from a dramatic play.  There are flower girls, bell ringers and Ayden is held up in a “carrier.”

Ayden looks like he is a prince being carried into his kingdom.  The religious aspect definitely takes a backseat to all the “pomp and circumstance.” 

Kim and Kroy completely miss Ayden’s ceremony, but arrive just in time for dinner.  Kim isn’t pleased when she sees that she has to sit with Cynthia and Peter.  “This is like torture,” Kim says about the akward dinner situation.  Kim heard, from the other ladies, what Cynthia said about her in Africa. After the party Kim approaches Cynthia in the parking lot saying, “I wanted to ask you something real quick.” 

Kim questions Cynthia about what she said about her not holding a black baby.  Cynthia definitely tries to back pedal on what she said.  “I can’ remember what I said,” Cynthia tells the cameras.  Cynthia swears she never said anything about Kim not holding a black baby.  After Kim pushes Cynthia some more, Cynthia apologizes,  “I never should have said it, I didn’t mean it personally.”  Can we be done with this black  baby/orphanage drama now?  Kim says she accepts the apology, but Cynthia needs to stop flapping her jaws.

What did you think of tonight’s RHOA episode? 

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