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The Biggest Loser Recap: Exercise Can Be Fun?

March 27, 2012 07:48 PM by Lisa Princ

Last week on NBC‘s The Biggest Loser, the contestants went to Hawaii to prove that vacations are no excuse, but unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to Kimmy Stone, as she sacrificed herself to save her daughter. This week, Bob Harper and Dolvett Quince prove that exercise does not have to be boring, and the contestants get visited by some past contestants. Read on for all the highlights!

The Biggest Loser kicked off tonight with a pop challenge. For this challenge, Alison Sweeney announced that the contestants would be loading trucks today full of Newman’s Own food products. And we learned an interesting tidbit: Newman’s Own brand donates all of their profits to charity – just another reason to purchase this brand! Back to the challenge – the first contestant to load their truck would win a one pound advantage on the scale this week, and their hometown’s local food bank would receive over 30,000 pounds of food courtesy of Newman’s Own.

Mark, Megan, and Kim raced for first place, but Mark had a strategy of taking all the heavy boxes first, and saving the smaller ones for last. Would it pay off? It sure did, he started in 3rd place and ended up in 1st place, winning the challenge, and a much needed one pound on the scale! But then, Alison Sweeney announced that if the contestants finished loading their trucks, Newman’s Own would donate to each of their hometowns. The contestants then teamed up and got all of the trucks loaded.

Bob Harper then had a heart to heart with Megan, who claimed that she was happy that her mom was gone so she could focus on herself, but Bob knew she was hurting deep down. Bob encouraged Megan to record everything she was doing so he knew that she was keeping up on her “homework,” as he did not want her to fall behind because of her mother leaving. Meanwhile, Dolvett Quince focused on Jeremy this week, who had been dealing with the issues of his father, who we knew had caused family problems, thus why he and Conda have issues. Jeremy broke down and opened up his heart, vowing to be a better person than his father was.

Next up on The Biggest Loser, Bob and Dolvett decide that they will show the contestants this week that exercise does not have to be boring. Dolvett took his team to a Zumba class, and everyone has a blast – if you have never done one, it sure looked like a lot of fun! Bob had a different idea of fun exercise – biking up a mountain, which is not our idea of fun! Bob took Chris, Megan, and Conda bike riding up a beautiful mountain, and the ladies did great, well Chris and Megan did anyway. Conda did nothing but lag behind, complaining the entire time – huge shocker! When they arrived back at the ranch, the contestants were greeted with lunch from subway, by none other than Jared Fogle, the subway guru!

In a fun twist this week, the contestants were then put to a cooking challenge. Ali informed the contestants that the winner of the challenge would win $1000.00 for each pound lost this week – talk about motivation! The cooking challenge did not go as well as planned for everyone as Jeremy forgot the eggs at the grocery store for his french toast, so he ended up with a piece of toast and some fruit. Meanwhile, Chris could not get her chicken to cook properly, and it ended up being raw. When she presented it to the judges, Chris claimed she did not have enough time, and that “this is a weight loss show, not a cooking show!”

Judging the dishes tonight were season 12′s Becky, Antone and Vinny, who all looked incredible! They all decided that Megan’s fish dish, Conda’s cabbage soup, and Kim’s stuffed mushrooms were all great, but Kim’s dish really wowed them in terms of flavor and calories. Kim earned the win and $1000.00 per pound lost at the weigh-in. Antoine wound up calling Chris out for her dish, claiming it was an excuse, and this really upset Chris. Later at the gym, Antoine tried to talk with Chris, but she was having a “moment” and wanted no part of him.

After their last chance workout, this is how everyone fared at the weigh-in:

from 195 lbs to 191 lbs (-4)

from 217 lbs to 210 lbs (-7)

from 174 lbs to 170 (-4)

from 266 lbs to 260 (-6)

from 200 lbs to 200 lbs (-0)

from 171 lbs to 164 lbs (-7)

from 275 lbs to 269 lbs (-6)

That meant that both Mark and Megan fell below the yellow line tonight, so you can probably assume what happened next. I am actually surprised that Mark did not ask to keep Megan on, seeing as he was close to Kimmy, and Megan has more to lose than he does. In any event, it was indeed Megan who was eliminated tonight!

Megan is doing well at home though, and she even became engaged since returning home. Megan’s fiance also lost 80 pounds while she was gone, and the couple are continuing their healthy lifestyle together. We also watched as Megan was able to race her horse once again. Too bad she missed out on makeover week, which happens next week! We can’t wait to see Megan at the finale!
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