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Interior Therapy Recap: Emotional Distress

March 28, 2012 08:00 PM by Shayla Perry

This week on Bravo, Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos are moving in to Alex and Tiffany’s home, which once belonged to Alex’s Aunt Guita. But when Alex has trouble letting go and clearing out all of his aunt’s belongings, Tiffany starts to consider moving on. Can Jeff save their relationship? Get all the highlights from tonight’s episode of Interior Therapy after the jump.

It’s 1971…at least it is at Alex and Tiffany’s California home. The house belonged to Alex’s Aunt Guita, who moved in with his parents when she fell ill, but by all appearances, it looks like Aunt Guita still lives there.

From the dishes in the cabinets to the clothes in her dressers and closets, all of Aunt Guita’s belongings are still there, leaving no room for Tiffany and causing a strain in their relationship.

Jeff and Jenni’s plan is to turn Aunt Guita’s room into Tiffany’s home office, and Alex reluctantly agrees, but will he be able to handle the change without feeling like he’s being disrespectful to his family?

As they begin to clear out the house, Alex starts to break down, fearing that they’re “trying to get rid” of Aunt Guita, and ends up calling his mother to come help — but not without some ribbing from Jeff (not in front of him though).

After everything is out – with Alex’s mom’s blessing, of course – Aunt Guita’s house looks so much better already, but now comes another hard part…furniture shopping. Will Alex and Tiffany be able to agree on what to put in the house?

With him disregarding everything she’s saying, Tiffany gets more and more frustrated, to the point where she gives up and says that he can make all the decisions since she’s not sure how long she’ll be living in the house anyway.

Jeff and Jenni understand Tiffany’s point, and after a heart-to-heart, Alex realizes that he has to stop taking her for granted.

The remodel is a good way to start showing how much he cares!

Everything is almost done, so for the final night, Alex and Tiffany head to a hotel while Jeff and Jenni search for a few of Aunt Guita’s belongings to add to the design.

Finally, it’s time for the big reveal and the couple couldn’t be happier about the job Jeff’s done on the home, updating it, yet still honoring Aunt Guita and the family through photos and small items throughout.

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