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Million Dollar Listing New York Recap: Yes, I Said A Kangaroo!

March 28, 2012 08:49 PM by Lisa Princ

Last week on Bravo‘s Million Dollar Listing New York, the guys all had some pretty tough deals, but what happens when one agent is put to the test by his client’s pet? We’re not talking about a dog or a cat, but a kangaroo! Read on to find out…

Million Dollar Listing New York kicked off tonight as Michael Lorber was once again shopping for clothes, but this time it was undergarments! Is anyone else thinking that Michael is really a woman trapped in that body? Michael got a call tonight from Zach, the same builder who was working with Fredrik on his listing last week, asking Michael to sell some Park Avenue apartments for him. The only problem with the listing was that none of restrooms were finished, so showing the place was going to be tough.

Meanwhile, Fredrik Eklund was the center of a lot of drama tonight, but let’s start with his listing. Fredrik had a private showing of the unfinished building belonging to Zach. The couple came in and had no interest in seeing any 2 bedroom apartments – they wanted to go straight to the penthouse. The penthouse, which was originally 3 floors, 3 bedrooms and 4200 square feet was not going to do for this couple, who only had one child!

The couple sat down with Fredrik and the designer to see if they could come up with a plan to combine all of the top floors and give them a 5 bedroom, 5 floor penthouse with something around 10,000 square feet! Fredrik worked out some details with the builders, who said it could be done, but Fredrik needed a number to present to Zach. Fredrik’s selling price for both of the top floor penthouses was around $20 million, and these buyers came back with an offer of $16 million all cash. Fredrik was not pleased, but agreed to take the offer to the owner anyway.

Then Fredrik turned into shark mode, as he headed over to a broker’s open that Michael was throwing, and we learned that Fredrik also works for Michael’s father’s firm. Fredrik swooped in and began to sweet talk Michael’s dad, claiming that he could sell some of the apartments. He even had the nerve to go straight to the seller with the offer of his services, and then told Michael that he needed to be waiting at the door. Wow, maybe they were all right in calling him a shark?

Ran Serhant has his work cut out for him tonight on Million Dollar Listing New York, as his client Alex, was pretty easy to please, but he also had a kangaroo to accommodate – yes, a real, live, kangaroo! Ryan took Alex to one of his own listings in hopes of making double the profit, and while Alex loved the spacious place, the kangaroo was not a hit with the building owner. Alex left disappointed, but Ryan assured him that they would find something, and then invited him to an open house he was throwing the next day at another place.

Ryan’s open house was jam packed the next day, and Alex was loving the three floored apartment. As he was mingling with his guests, guess who showed up? Yep, Fredrik! Fredrik was really in shark mode this week as he immediately found Ryan and decided to start complaining about everything that was wrong with the apartment – all within earshot of other brokers and potential clients. You could see the anger in Ryan’s face, and he told the camera that he wished he could just punch Fredrik in the face! While the open house was a success, Ryan got an offer from Alex and the kangaroo that was just under the asking price and all cash!

Despite his best attempts to sell the kangaroo idea to the owner, Ryan had no luck and he would not budge. So, Alex and his kangaroo were out of luck this week in the search for a new home. Ryan decided to be straight with Alex and he told him the kangaroo needed to go, but Alex was not willing to part with his friend, so they decided they would go with a town home, later down the line when Alex would have more money saved up.

Michael ended this week without any hits on his Park Avenue place, despite a great broker’s open and a few private showings. As for the shark, Fredrik was able to compromise between the buyers and Zach, and they agreed on a deal for all of the floors they wanted at a price of $16.75 million, all cash. That’s all for this week. Tune in next week for a brand new episode of Million Dollar Listing New York!

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